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  1. Definitely, definitely be honest! Sex is very important and in order to maintain a high sexual compatibility you must communicate. You both took the test so you are on the same page now you just have to tell him what you want. Don't do it in a way that makes it seem like you are complaining but do it in a way that lets him know how you feel… Tell him about that night and how it made you feel and let him know you want more of it lol!

  2. I’m so embarrassed of my face too. My ex boyfriend stopped and said “I don’t want to do this anymore if I’m hurting you” and I was like “no that’s just my natural face” 😕 ugh

  3. The only compromise I'd be willing to make is to help you to work on the root of why you don't desire sex, assuming you're not holistically asexual. I simply wouldn't be willing to fuck someone who is sexually disengaged, full stop. But you have to have a discussion regarding how hard of a line that is for him personally.

  4. Love this for you girl! A little healthy age gap never hurt anyone. Older men are more experienced for sure. I’m partial to finding men in their 30’s and early 40’s the most attractive too cause of their confidence. I’m in a relationship though and I respect my partner! but if I was single I’d be going for 34-39 for sure.


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