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  1. You have to ask him and hope that a) he's prepared to talk yo you and b) is prepared to be honest with you, no matter how difficult that is. There was a post on Reddit only yesterday from a guy expressing his concern that he just couldn't keep up with his girlfriend. I'm afraid that the whole world expects men to be down to fuck as and when women want because mean are supposed to be permanently horny. They're not.

  2. Being hard is not equivalent with being horny. Unless you have reason to distrust your partner's honesty, face-value is your friend. Now yes: Him doing stuff without you is a possible explanation for his getting flacid mid-action, but it's not the only possible one, and therefor not sufficient. Other possibilities spontaineously on my mind are: It might be some form of erectile disfunction (which can be solved by getting creative–like with in-between bjs), he might be ace, he might be trans, he might be so gocused on pleasuring you that he completely forgets about his own pleasure. Even if sex dies not di it for him: He seems to cherish you very much (lest he would not put in so much effort), so please do not doubt yourself over it. You are deserving of that effort, and as you do not seem to take it for granted: All the more so!

  3. Weed is my cum killer. Smoked it for years and will continue to do so. Only thing is i cant cum from piv or even if i masturbate it still takes ages. When i know im going to have sex on a certain day i am not going to smoke bcoz i want to cum so bad up that sweet pussy.

  4. Drop that dirt bag now. If he can’t respect your boundaries and is trying to manipulate you it’s ky down hill from here.


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