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  2. Ask her what she likes. It's okay to be inexperienced, you're young, it's fun learning what works with someone new. The g spot only really feels good when you're turned on, were you turned on when you tried yours? It's not very far in, the smallest of fingers can reach it. Not every girl gets a lot from it though.

  3. Try side saddle, where she lays on her side with her bottom leg straight out. Her other leg she pulls up towards her chest and either rests at a 90 degree bend (at the hip) or you can either help hold at a comfortable bend for her or if she's flexible she can put it upon your shoulder. You straddle her lower leg, lets you get right on up in there real good. Also gives you good access to rub her clit or ass if either of you so desire. You can also use a hand on her hip and the one holding her leg for leverage to really get a good rhythm in. Holding her leg up also will allow her to roll a bit more towards her back, allowing her to look at you easier, better access to boobs, and a great view of them bouncing if you get going.

  4. Absolutely do not surprise anyone with this. Lots of people are strongly averse to anal anything or ass-eating in particular. Furthermore, this is medically inadvisable as it risks spreading fecal bacteria to the vagina.


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