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  1. Wife likes when I lazily drag my fingertips back and forth across her chest, shoulders, neck and arms. I’ll trace the underside of her boobs and circle her nipples. Drives her nuts!

  2. I feel like most people will respond who explored a bi curious or bi experience. For me, I was 19 or 20 (f) and it was with two guys and they were all talk and then one couldn't get it up and the other soon thereafter bailed too. So I guess i would say i discovered that when you put two guys near each other naked, it doesn't always “work”

  3. What exactly is your boyfriend doing wrong? Is it technique? Is it amount of time spent? Is it enthusiasm? Depending on the answer, you may be better off breaking up with him.

  4. considering I have had body-image issues my whole life most men have body image issues IMO it's just not something talked about just notice the replies from men in this thread, it's their first time getting a crumb of desire in their lives

  5. Perhaps he was shy. I’m very shy and would love for a girl to grab my hand and show me she wants to get touched. Kudos for you for showing him what you want.

  6. Yes. That is what he was doing Honestly…does it matter? Let him know you're not into that! There's a paradox in American dating. If a guy asks, he's a weak pussy unworthy of a woman– therefore he should take whatever he can conqquor if he wants to be a “man”. If he takes without permission –he's a misogynistic, womanizing asshole rapist with no feelings for other people. Confusing world we live in. Good luck!


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