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18 thoughts on “EmmaSweetyy cheap sex cams 18+

  1. But every day I feel I’m obsessed with Sex and fantasize like women are wet holes and nice asses in leggings. Lay off the porn or if you don't use that then maybe pour energy into yourself, career, hobbies and perhaps you won't dwell on it so much. It's not uncommon to have those thoughts, but if it's all the time and a problem like you feel it is, then try and focus on other aspects of life.

  2. How to eat/finger pussy is probably something we knew more about from the start. Being sensual is something women are better about I guess.

  3. 22F; It’s all about consent. It depends on the person and the boundaries they’ve set. My partner and I are both open to it and don’t see it as an issue, we both think the idea is kinda hot and have given consent in advance for it to be attempted. (Though apparently asleep me does not like to be woken up, not even for sex so it’s usually cut short when he tries to initiate. But It usually works out fine when I do it to him.) However if one of us was uncomfortable with it and had said that we are not interested in it and then it was attempted that would be classified as rape because they hadn’t given any form of consent.

  4. I love it. Being face to face with her, easiest way to be the closest, most intimate by being able to fully wrap around each other and kiss. It’s the most comfortable for her too. Sure, she loves doggy (but only for as long as it’s comfortable) and I love cowgirl (I love holding onto her hips as she rides me, though she has to bend down to kiss me and it also gets a bit uncomfortable after too long.) When the more exotic positions become too uncomfortable, it doesn’t get less exciting just because we went back to missionary. It’s about the variety, enjoying each other in many difficult ways and missionary is no less valid than any other position. It’s our favourite way to begin and end on and makes us happy. I’ll never understand “position shaming” or judging anything consenting adults enjoy doing.

  5. Yeah and what are you doing to those insecurities? They won't go away on their own. You won't grow out of them. You have to work on building a better mindset, preferably with a professional. Not so your boyfriend can have sex with you, but so you can live a better life.

  6. As a parent myself this would have me immediately talking to my kid about boundaries and appropriate ages. When you’re a teenager you don’t always see the issue in certain things until you grow up and go damn, that really negatively affected me

  7. Perfect then! Don't think about it too much.Just try to have fun, maybe explore something new to spice it up a little bit and enjoy it! You have nothing to worry about girl, neither your bf

  8. Some women really do need to be pursued to feel turned on. If she has hinted that she wants you to be more assertive, then you should pursue that. It’s natural for there to be ebbs and flows in a relationship though. So just be patient as you communicate with her that you want to feel bonded to her in this way. Good luck!

  9. As someone who has dealt with a lot of relationship anxiety, I will say that often when someone feels threatened by something that isn't actually a threat to the relationship, there is a deeper issue than what you're fighting about. You also mentioned in your post that when you masturbate, your boyfriend doesn't feel like he's enough for you. That's definitely something that you need to talk about with him. I would say, try to have an open discussion with him about how you both feel and what you both need, and whether you both feel satisfied with your sex life in general, and come to a compromise. But also be honest with yourself about whether the way your boyfriend's anxiety manifests itself is something you feel comfortable dealing with. If he's being controlling to the point that the relationship isn't enjoyable for you, then he may need to do some inner work before he's ready to be in a relationship.

  10. Huh, so, I donno what to do about that exactly, maybe you'd spend more time getting to know someone first? Or is there certain things you might want to talk to them about? What do you think you should do to generate that situation to be better for you?

  11. I have no sex drive and I never think of sex so my partner needs to initiate I sometimes masturbate but it’s not because I’m horny it’s because I’m bored

  12. For me, eye contact during is waaaay overrated. Occasional is nice, I guess, but I’d much rather have the effort directed to the job at hand.


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