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  1. A lot of “ace” don’t even realize they are. Instead they just can’t grasp everyone else’s obsession with sex. Like… in our heads: “omg shut up about how you need it more than once a month!!!! Are you a baboon? Are you just incapable of self discipline? Why do you need it so much? Why do you even like it?!” Trust me… I was ~40 when I realized I wasn’t ace like my ex claimed, I just had zero interest in non-bdsm vanilla sex. Had my partner not shamed me out of it at 19… I’d have been a prolific fucker. That said I still don’t see the obsession. People just can’t shut up about sex and I have no clue why. I joined this sub thinking someday I would “get it” but I’m still waiting.

  2. is the relationship really right for you if you cant be excepted for who you are … if it was not excessive in the being why now … personally to me its very attractive … why not up lift and encourage your couple … rather than demise key features …

  3. He clearly said that he has been trying, he's been romantic, trying to do things for her, offering an emotional connection, etc. everything changed after he put the ring on her finger, not after the kids came. He's putting the effort in, she's not. He also mentioned in one of his comments that she complains about not having a Mercedes. 🤦🏻‍♀️ Sorry but that tells me everything I need to know about her character.

  4. The spot is called the frenulum if I recall, and it's one of the more sensitive spots. Tip/technique: right before u cum, continue stroking and apply medium-light pressure on the skin right behind ur balls (it stimulates the prostate). It is incredible, pretty earthshattering.

  5. Genital mismatches are very problematic and can be resolved depending on how motivated you are. If it's strictly FWB, then I'd say move on to someone who's a better fit. If you're really wanting things to work, and willing to put in the effort, approach it as if you had vaginismus. Buy 3 dildos of different sizes and get a bottle of good lube that works for you and lasts for more than half an hour. The first dildo should be a size you'd consider perfect for your vagina. The second dildo should be a little later than your guy. The third dildo would be one that's in between your first and second one. You can do this alone, or use it as foreplay, but play with each dildo gradually, from smallest to largest until the largest can painlessly slide in and out of you

  6. If its the taste maybe check your diet. Smoking makes it taste horrible. Ask her if you’re in too deep when you orgasm. That might cause gagging.

  7. Yes, that's insecurity. He doesn't want other men looking at you, or approaching you. He is afraid you'll find someone better if you attract other men. Most of the time, controlling people are very insecure.

  8. u might be accidently clenching maybe? also try putting a leg up or spread your legs more, different angles. spreading my legs works for me

  9. wdym what should I do? You’ve told him repeatedly and he says no – doesn’t that tell you enough about him? It’s literally your body… and he’s saying no.

  10. Check out the Hot Octopuss Pulse Solo or Duo. No closed area means easy to clean if it even gets too terribly messy. Duo has a remote for your partner. I'd say it was definitely worth the purchase.

  11. Something I've noticed over my years of using vibrators is that they will desensitize you. Temporarily, of course, but it does happen. Magic wands in particular are typically very strong, even at the lowest of settings. The stronger the vibrator, the more you'll be desensitized. Typically, you can take a “tolerance break” and regain sensitivity, which is honestly my best advice. Something else is consider getting an air pulse toy rather than a vibrator. It blows out air against the clitoris really quickly. For some reason, these don't desensitize me. I can have multiple orgasms and still feel very sensitive– sometimes more sensitive than when I started. Hope that helps!

  12. I have a hard time getting off with condoms. In fact, I have been in a similar situation where I had a condom accident with a new partner. The golden rule around here is STI screens or barriers. So I was battling my insurance to pick up my last screening from over half a year ago. Long story short, while my bedroom wasn't dead it was stalled… For like 2 months my wife and I didn't do much. Eventually I but the bullet and paid for both screens out of pocket and all is well again. Stubborn and stupid? Yeah, I eventually came to that conclusion. The point I am making is, a lot of guys don't like rubbers because they can't get the stimulation they need to reach climax. Some of that is a mental hurdle too. They already know the sex isn't going to feel as good so they aren't as into it, before it even happens… compounding the issue of “difficulty achieving orgasm”. Honestly, stick to your guns and keep it wrapped. Try to schedule some stuff. Get a little kinky. Might help out some, but ultimately you have to get him onboard via solid information, persuasion, and love.

  13. Because the meds make the circulation of blood flow easier to where it needs to be and he will not lose his erection. It is just a suggestion that might be very helpful to get through the mental block he as that is preventing him from performing.

  14. My guess is that, OF women or men's are more a amature than amature porn? There a article that show the most popular is a women's who look like the girl next door and average which drawn men's to pay for it for maybe a shot of getting her through money….


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