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  2. Dear OP. Your bf is an idiot. That's why he's so relaxed about it. And maybe being a dad is something he low-key enjoys or didn't really impact his life too much so he doesn't care too much about another baby. Still an idiot. I would strongly suggest you either draw hard boundaries or get on BC yourself, like an IUD. Good luck.

  3. As a dude, waiting on us to do something, when we don't even know the game is on is kinda ineffective. You don't want to say it before the fact, fine but get touchy.

  4. Have to make sure she's taking them regularly. Wife was on pills when we were in our college days and only ended in creampie. Had no unwanted pregnancy during that time.

  5. You can walk away if that is not the kind of relationship you want. Billions of women in this world – some like sex too much some dont. The choice is yours; but people don't change and it's not her fault.

  6. I wouldn't quite call it dramatic but it's somewhat out of the ordinary, the vast majority of women seem to specifically like being handled like that. Either way I'm not sure why it would matter, you stated your preference and he's either indifferent enough to genuinely forget or actively ignoring your request and you deserve better and shouldn't let him get away with it.


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