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  1. It is usually the case with us too… but that particular night may have involved homemade habanero chicken and margaritas. The best decisions were not made.

  2. Haha – well it did cause a bit of strife the next day, but it was well worth it – and we got together a few more times. She used to love talking about it as a turn on..

  3. Sounds like he might need a larger condom diameter. Same boat here. I'd recommend checking out myONE brand in you're in America, or MySize if you're in Europe. They offer a very wide range of condom sizes, both in length and girth, and they even have guides on how to properly measure to make sure you are getting the right fit. myONE even has $2 samples that ship free anywhere in the US, just to make sure they fit properly.

  4. Firstly. Nothing g to be embarrassed about. You both are enjoying each other fully so not a place for embarrassment, only acceptance and satisfaction. Secondly, start off slow or just ask him what he likes to hear in a frank conversation

  5. Is she taking any other medication like an antidepressant? They suppress libido significantly in most people. Libido is also very dependent on estrogen and progesterone being balanced. She should have her sex hormones tested. Stress causes cortisol to be high, and that could also mess with libido.Thyroid hormones could be out of whack as well.

  6. I left a relationship like this. For me I'd rather be in a spot where I can't get something as opposed to being denied something though. Absence hurts less than rejection in this area for me.

  7. It’s not a turn off in my opinion. But if he doesn’t do it it may be something he doesn’t want to do. There may be many different reasons for that, so don’t take it personally. Maybe just ask him how he feels about it in general and go from there.

  8. First of all OP, You seem like a really lovely and supportive partner based on your post and comments. That’s so nice to see, and I bet your gf feels loved and supported by you. When you said she has body issues, I went, “of course!” Feeling unhappy with your body is one of the biggest killers of libido. A good example to understand how that might feel would be if maybe you hadn’t showered in a week, your butt crack is sticky, your genitals smell, and your hair is greasy. Would you want to have sex if you felt like that? It’s kind of a confidence killer if you feel ugly or gross. I know for myself, I have a completely normal and healthy body, but being aware of my fat or hair turns me off. In my fantasy land, I wish I could be some sort of sleek and sexy dolphin I guess, haha. I know that all of that probably reads very silly. But, if she feels uncomfortable with her body on a deep level, it makes sense to me that she is uninterested in sex. It’s good that you lift her up with loving comments about how she is beautiful and attractive to you. Keep doing that. You also mentioned how she is on hormonal birth control, and as others have already pointed out, yes, it can definitely affect libido. Generally, hormonal birth control works by altering levels of estrogen in the body. Estrogen is VITAL in female sexual functioning. Having low estrogen can mean lower sex drive, less sensation, less desire, and less orgasm in women. Not saying that she has to go off birth control, but that is just something to be aware of. I also just worry about her mental health. Dealing with things Like anxiety and depression can really hurt sex drive. Basically, sex drive is impacted by a lot of factors. It may be hard to figure it all out. Therapy is a good place to go because a professional can help to unpack everything. Ultimately, what is the best indicator of everything working out is if she sees this as a problem and wants to do something about it. Does she miss wanting sex and having it? Does she wish she could be intimate with you? Does she want to pleasure you but feels a block? A lot of people who fall into dead bedrooms are ultimately with partners who place very little value on sex and see it as something unimportant. They don’t care about sex in the relationship, and have no desire to do anything to improve it. If that is your gf, then yes, you might be in trouble. But if this is something she is unhappy with as well and wishes to improve her sexual functioning and relationship with you, you certainly can work on it together.


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