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  1. From what I see in social media many women complain that men are now very reticent to make a move. This is likely because they fear being labeled a “harasser” or worse. I feel that you are going to have to Up-your-game and make it very obvious what you want. Previous social clues are just not cutting it for you. Also as you are now 33 I suspect men that you are dating are just not the same in attitude as they were when you were in your mid 20s.

  2. I(F) think it’s hot and not very weird! I would say that most men I know would be happy to be woken up to a blow job. I don’t think as many women would say the same. While I don’t think it’s weird, I do think it should be expressly talked about, and I think that’s true for any sex act. This one happens to touch more on cnc because the person is not able to consent in the moment so it’s important to get consent beforehand and establish boundaries.

  3. Try not to think about the reason why you’re having sex, just enjoy that you are, like did before you were trying. The more pressure you put on yourself the less likely it is to happen. Try and relax and maybe try a bit of spontaneity along with your (I’m assuming) planned (around fertile times) sessions.


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