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  2. I love the fact my partner gets so wet. A bit of an ego boost if I’m honest. It can reduce the friction, but it’s pretty sexy when it’s slick.

  3. Gotta get up to the plate to have a chance to get in base haha You got this, king. Go show that girl a good time

  4. My cat used to get noisy when I masturbated, he hated when I did it. He also hated cigarettes, whenever my neighbor would pull up while I was smoking them he would lose his shit, it's how I kept my cigarettes habit from my neighbor for so long before I quit, and he hated catnip too, but for some reason he loved to huff car exhaust, he was a pretty smart cat but he could be kinda weird. But I'm kinda weird too, so I loved him lmao

  5. I was told that because in porn all hair is removed, men are used to seeing us hairless down there. Stop blaming porn for everything. Plenty of people just shave because they want to shave and feel better that way.

  6. No not at all, I really like a bigger girl but that's very personal again, what someone finds hot someone else really won't like, everyone is hot to the right person

  7. i used to have these exact types of fantasies when i was very young too and before i had sex. now i still have them, but they're more controlled. i don't think anything's wrong with you, just hormones be going crazy. if anything, you might be developing a kink or fetish, and there's nothing wrong with those either

  8. If platonically talking to a co worker of the opposite sex is cheating? No, that’s crazy If it’s an ex, why tf do you care about this now?

  9. Some people need sex to to relief the stress others relief stress first to be able to have sex. I think might be other aspects of life (how he is treated at home for example if you are arguing for the little things instead of kissing him and telling its going to be ok if he has a bad day) or some insecurities he has about himself or he want to tell you something without hurting your feelings. Or he is finds masturbating better then sex, but he loves your company doing everything else…

  10. Hey, you are in the best possible situation to practice bringing up such a sensitive issue with a man, because you don't care that much about him! You are hesitating about telling him or cutting your losses. What the worst that can happens? You tell him, he reacts badly, then you cut your losses! But in the meantime you will have practiced telling your needs which is a very, very hard skill to develop. And much harder to do it with someone you care deeply about and would be afraid to lose! My advice in that situation would be to simply text him, because by text you can be more precise in what you want, not be destabilised by his reaction, but more importantly, he can recieve “the punch” and have time to recollect himself before reacting. Tell him something like: “Hey it was great to see you again and fool around with again, and I would do it again….however, I also noticed that you haven't been as attentitve to my needs as I want and that is something that throw me off. This and also the fact that I felt you shut down when I told you to use protection. It's importnat for me that I can trust you and protection is non negotiable. We can talk about this more if you want.” Then the ball is on his side, and worst case scenario he will react badly, try to make you feel bad by saying you suck and aren't worth it in the first place, that you will know it only comes out of poor insecure defense mechanism from himself, and move on from him to have better time with someone else. Best case scenario that start a discussion and you learn how to tell your needs, and maybe he even figure out how to meet them (but that's less important than leanring how to voice your needs and boundaries).

  11. Hell no – my wife is 20 years older, and we met when I was around that age. Best sex both of us ever had – you’re both “in your prime”. Nothing to feel weird about

  12. You can have sexual compatibility without having 100% of your needs and wants met. Because more than likely that's never going to happen. That's why compromises are important

  13. If this guy is willing to end the relationship just because he's suddenly into degradation and you're not, he probably just sees you as a young sex puppet. You're not into what you're not into. Don't think you have to do something that you're uncomfortable with just to keep this guy. Maybe he should go visit a dominatrix.

  14. I have no issues with them morally as long as both parties are consenting adults. I myself had hookups when i was in college. I didn't want a relationship at the time and neither did they.


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