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  1. Some 14 year olds look and sound like men. The age difference makes it inappropriate due to differing maturity levels but it's not necessarily that weird to find someone of that age attractive, if they look more like a man than a teenager. 19/20 is still also pretty young and it's not as creepy as it may sound. I remember being 19/20 and I felt very young and not at all sexually mature. I didn't feel any different than the kids in high school, at that age.

  2. The MASSIVE red flag here is how ok your husband is with hurting you and even you describing it as giving him his gift is worrying. Also makes me wonder if the daily sex was his idea as well. Maybe I am wrong but it does not seem like you enjoy any of it. What if it escalates and he suddenly enjoys choking you till you pass out would that also only happen on a Saturday night cause you know how much he enjoys it?

  3. I like for my pussy to be ate nice and slow with a little nippling on my clit. As I pull his hair with his face all up in my pussy.

  4. Have her try penetrative masturbating with a dildo or vibrator and see if she’s able to do that. If not she might need medical attention for possible vaginismus

  5. This is pretty suspicious Imo. Make sure you bring your own condoms if you continue to see her. I’d hope she’s not the type of person to tamper with birth control, but she is the type of person to date someone half her age, so I do question her judgment.

  6. I hate this question – if anyone else like this? Of course there are billions people on earth and there are plenty like this. No one is alien here.

  7. My boyfriend and I were friends for 3 years before we started dating. We didn’t have sex right away but he knew I was on birth control, and we decided not to use condoms. I’ve since had my tubes removed, so condoms will never be an issue for us. Have a conversation with your partner.

  8. If it’s not something you’ve done, then she has changed the status quo in your relationship in a way that she has every right to. But you also have the right to reject this change, as it is being forced upon you using the love you have for each other. You should reject this change as it is a fundamental one that will be damaging to your long term wellbeing. I don’t think it’s unreasonable to inform her of that fact and that the change itself is not a normal one but could be triggered by some chemical imbalance. That if she feels that she cannot or will not seek help to at the very least isolate the cause of this change, you might have to make a hard choice. Even if she does find out what’s behind it, not changing back is also something you are unable and unwilling to tolerate. This isn’t about demanding sex, this is about her being the agent of change in your relationship. She never has to have sex again, but making that decision for the both of you is not something she has any right to do.

  9. But on asking him just tell him you want him to cum on you don’t ask tell him to and he’ll be blown away, but may be also pull away when you say it as he might just dump inside from that sexy talk lol

  10. Do you have laser hair removal done professionally, or do you have your own kit? I’m been thinking about doing it, but would have to be done myself. The pro treatments are a bit pricey. Do you have any recommendations and/or tips?

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  12. There's so much wrong here I barely know where to begin because she felt that I was being too sexually greedy. What were you doing that was greedy? How often did you all have sex? How often did she cum? Did she have major complaints about you not reciprocating or did she think that you wanted to cum more often than she wanted to partake in? She was basically into giving me blue balls and I didn't like it…. One day she snapped on me and told me “You can either have this or go back to getting nothing.” This is fucked up… She doesn't sound like she can handle a sexual relationship if she can't even discuss and acknowledge her partner's feelings and desires… I swear I feel like half the world needs to go through Kindergarten again That made me feel like what I want doesn't matter That's a red flag. If you're partner is making you feel this way and they are unable to discuss the topic then that's a problem. You should tell her that this is a problem, if she can't talk about things then how does she expect to make it work? She would claim “I'm gonna make you cum later today. I promise. But then something would happen that would throw our schedule off and 9 times out of 10 Busy lives do often get in the way of a good time. I'd rather be awake and eager, than tired and have it be obligatory. The teasing when it often doesn't work out later is, again, something to talk about. She would also claim that most guys aren't bothered by this kind of thing. … Imagine using that reasoning about her. Guys aren't this monolithic community any more than women are. Also, I would want to be treated as an individual, trying to say that you should conform to some abstract idea of what a basic guy is is the same as telling her to get back in the kitchen. A lot of guys would 100% hate this. I would venture to guess that the majority of guys would hate this. Is she simply comparing you to her exes? Should you start this as well?

  13. Yep!! It’s so contradictory. Folks will say “honesty and communication are key. If you’re not satisfied sexually you need to communicate with your partner about that”. So you communicate with your partner about it and then it’s all “if you cared about your partner you’d spare their hurt feelings and bruised ego and pretend like your sex life is amazing” and people wonder why women fake orgasms. It’s a double edged sword.

  14. Yeah, THE Plan B from One Step. Typically about $40-$60 depending where but can be found in any Walgreens or national pharmacy.

  15. Be careful, as men we have the natural inclination to impregnsnte our sexual partners in order to ensure our livelyhood continues, how pretty is she what is her pussy and tits like physique personality, these are all things are consider before you risk the birth of your child


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