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  1. So is it possible that now he won't ever treat anyone else the same? Is it possible that at 22, almost 23 years of age, he was just stupid? And that i was just unlucky to meet him at that point? That makes me feel despair sometimes, isolated. It's not that i want others to be hurt but i don't want to be the only one who can say he is abusive. Cause that would make me feel like it's my fault. Well for context, i know for sure he was mentally abusive, cruel and neglectful in other parts of the relationship, but what started going wrong first were the physical things.

  2. Buy the equivalent book for women mentioned elsewhere in here and up your head game too. I don’t know if it’s actually worthwhile like this book is, but you can use that as an icebreaker and he’ll probably be so excited to be getting more head he won’t take receiving the book on cunnilingus as an insult.

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  4. We generally don't allow pregnancy-related posts on here because they would simply overwhelm the sub. There are other pregnancy-specific subs such as r/amipregnant you could consult. In your case, I would STRONGLY recommend that you not have unprotected sex and not rely on Plan B. Plan B is not always effective (it doesn't work if you have already ovulated and the egg is still viable when you have sex); it also is less effective depending on your weight. It messes up your hormones and cycles and is NOT meant to be a regular form of birth control.

  5. Lol you are wrong. I would kindly awkwardly laugh and then drink said drink while pretending to be busy on my phone.

  6. My ex and her brother slept in the same room as their parents for years, saw and heard everything. I never really felt like I could tell her how disturbing that was to me and how weird it made me feel that she still remembered it and talked about it like that was normal and ok. Especially because she idolised her parents and had a history of CSA by a friend’s parent, so telling her that what her parents did was very wrong despite she seeing it as a funny anecdote, felt like something that would have never gone well.

  7. I think it's fairly normal I suck my wifes all the time even randomly but not for an extended period of time less than 10 secs usually.

  8. my ex was like this. ended up dating an abusive guy. careless for sure you deserve someone to ATLEAST prepare you :/

  9. First of all, real online friends can be counted on. (And in that case, you won't be able to say you don't have any friends at all.) I have had some real online friends over the years. The problem is that online friends are very limited in what they can do in this situation since they are usually not local. But I think your worries are a red herring. The real problem is that you absolutely need to feel safe if you hook up. Having friends and family to count on isn't going to stop a horrible outcome happening at the place where you hook up. You need to be fully trusting of your hook up partner, and that usually only happens if you know the person well enough. I would not hook up with someone unless you feel comfortable in their presence. It's not just hook ups. Many times, people are not advised to go to someone's home on a first date. It's the same reasoning. If you want to have sex, you are better off getting to know someone first and establishing a sexual thing later.

  10. She said she knows the risks that could happened but said that it could turn out great for us. She said that I know you wanna fuck me so why make a big deal out of it.

  11. I was more fit in college, which aligns with your statement, but we did started doing yoga (I used to dance competitively, but now I have a job). I take ADHD meds, but no anxiety meds (Vyvanse if you're wondering). I don't smoke crack, but even a tiny bit of alcohol really helps my libido (I feel weird saying it, but it's true so imma share it).

  12. This is an advice forum. You aren't asking for advice, you're just bragging about your garbage morals here.

  13. You are certainly not misinterpreting him. He stated that he is a dumb asshole like 5-10 different times, please wake up. The fact that thats his lifestyle is w/e but the details about how he exactly does it and the fact THAT HE TELLS YOU ALL OF THIS TO YOUR FACE is just insane. I mean it's good that he told you everything beforehand, but it honestly doesn't sound like he views women as independent humans. He just sounds like a massive dick and there is nothing for you to be gained here than being a sex toy for him to live out his fantasies. One question: Has he EVER said something nice to you (in terms of sex)? But yeah you already sound a bit shocked by his comments anyways so please dont do anything him. For you own sanity.

  14. hard to tell if he is an ass or just struggling with words. maybe he thought you to be inexperienced and was surprised with how well and confident you knew to handle yourself. maybe he had some clueless stupid idea of something superficial that would make you bad in bed. but no matter what he tried to say it could have been worded wayyy better.

  15. When in you can start to curl the fingers already in. If you want to go all the way in, the usually most successful way is to get room from the perineum.

  16. Who are these guys with no understanding of basic hygiene? My dick gets a through cleaning every time I shower.


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