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  1. What you’re attracted to when you’re on birth control is different from what you’re attracted to off birth control. I think you should talk to him and see a sex therapist.

  2. You're definitely not alone in this friend. I was also sexually assaulted by a woman in high school while drunk but wasn't able to view it as assault until four years after the incident. As mentioned by another poster there's a lot of cultural expectations surrounding men's sexuality (that men will always want to sex given the opportunity); unfortunately many of us internalize these messages, begin to equate having sex with our value as men, and seek to embody these cultural ideals even in situations that don't feel right. This can lead to an accumulation of traumatizing events where a person is perpetually minimizing their feelings as to protect themselves from the reality of their victim hood, or to avoid the potential coercion/pressuring that can come after saying no. This became a huge issue for me in later relationships because I'd find myself going along with sex when I didn't want to out of a learned fear of pressure/coercion. It was ruining my ability to maintain or form healthy romantic relationships and I eventually sought out therapy where I was able to sort through these different incidents, gain an understanding of how my protective adaptations were leading to more negative incidents, and ultimately gain a new healthier outlook on sex and relationships. Taking a break from any sort of romantic/sexual relationship during this time was really beneficial, along with confiding in friends and receiving support/validation from them (many of whom turned out to have had similar experiences). Best wishes to you moving forward. I think it's good to remember that beyond the processing and healing in front of you, there will be plenty of amazing and empathetic partners who'll respect your boundaries and comfort, who you'll meet when you feel ready to put yourself out there again. There's no rush, the only priority now is making sure you're okay and have the tools to be safe. Much love

  3. I think that's okay if they are getting upfront about their interests. So that when they say that, you can tell them what you're looking for. The conversation ends there. If they are looking for sex and be slow, build a friendship, it might end with disappointment for both parties!

  4. Would be a great guide. What sort of research would it be that you’re looking for? phrases used in general or if they correlated with perceived pleasure?

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