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  1. Not a black guy but I get this. A lot of times I specifically don't watch porn with actors of other races because of it. Also why I dislike seeing the dude's face. Part of the appeal is imagining I'm fucking the woman so if the guy's skin tone or some other visual indicator ruins the illusion I can't really enjoy it.

  2. Yeah, that and one in five people have herpes and nobody gets tested for it. A blood test is the only accurate thing. I also don’t want hep. I’m cursed with being straight and guys seem to never want to get tested.

  3. Is oral tiring on the tongue or neck? I find that after an hour or so of oral the underside of my tongue can be a bit sore. I don'T usually have to go that long though.

  4. Obsessive and fixated rule-breaking behavior is a major indicator of an urgent mental-health crisis, which should be addressed immediately through real-world support from either family members, guardians or professional counselors. The r/sex online forum is not a substitute for real-world emotional support or professional treatment. Seek help now.

  5. It takes time for ejaculate to build up again. Like filling ups a water balloon. He could still burst the balloon, it just may be less of a splash.

  6. To build on this, I would suggest having a conversation about sex and what you want to improve outside of the bedroom.

  7. OPINION SEEKING, POLLS, VALUE JUDGMENTS OR VALIDATION POSTS. This forum is not for simply collecting opinions – “do you think [X] is hot?”, “Women, do you like [Y]?”, “What is your favorite sex position?” and so forth.


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