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  1. Some people just don't have high sex drives. Could be how they are genetically wired and how their hormones interact. Could be a mental block of some sort. It could be you are not catering to her fantasies to arouse her in ways that work with her. Could be a large host of reasons that can be very complicated. But, whatever the reason, trying to pressure her to do what does not come natural to her is not going to solve anything. You have to accept the fact that this is how she is, and it's not going to change any time soon, or by pressure from you. All you can do is ask if there is something you can do different that might help her feel more sexual. If that doesn't help, them your only options are: Stay frustrated More masturbation Work out an agreement where you can occasionally get the sex you need elsewhere End the relationship and find someone who matches your sexual needs. Best of luck to you

  2. I’ve been in bad positions before, have serious trust issues with men, and am definitely slowly healing & learning to trust again. The thing about trust issues with men are…. There are a lot of untrustworthy men out there. So it’s a survival tactic, and its very useful to me even now. As soon as something even looks like a red flag, I’m out. And I still meet and trust and get very close and vulnerable with men who actually are trustworthy, & consistently present zero red flags. For me it was about learning to trust my instincts, (still working on it) but in my experience if you are AFAB or a woman, it is hammered into you from very young to not trust your instinct & give the benefit of the doubt to men.

  3. Find a position that is sustainable for you. That might be dependent on your partner! For bigger guys, I like to ride on my feet. I use their thighs or chest for balance, and I do grinding thrusts forward. For guys with a smaller waist, I can ride on my knees and really grind my clit into them. I can bounce and lean different ways. If I lean back, it makes a tighter fit that feels amazing, but I can only do short strokes or he'll pop out. If I lean forward, I can do long strokes. They really like it when I rub my clit while grinding or riding. Makes me feel good and they like the show! When I wanna really go for it, I'll bounce up and down. It kills my thighs haha so I don't do it for too long. More of a finisher move or in short bursts to switch it up. I like to start on top since it doesn't get me off. It's a nice warm up for both of us.

  4. He sounds like he's probably not being realistic about how many of his past partners were actually having orgasms or being truly pleased. Every woman is different. Every vulva, vagina, clitoris is different. Many men do not like getting directions during sex. But good to excellent lovers will welcome advice given in a positive and not dismissive way. “And he seemed surprised that I said there's no way I orgasm from penetration without also having clitoral stimulation.” Sounds like he's not as experienced as he claims, isn't being realistic about how well he was actually giving women orgasms, or is being manipulative and gaslighty. I'm glad you are having orgasms with someone else and this sounds like a positive experience overall, but consider that maybe this is as far as things are going to go with this guy and try to find a more realistic, open minded lover who knows most women do not have orgasms from PIV sex with no extra clitoral stimulation easily if at all. One who relishes the golden advice a woman gives about what pleases her and gives her orgasms.

  5. Thank you ao much! Yeah we've talked about my concerns and he says he's will to do whatever it takes to make my comfortable 🙂 I haven't tried a dildo, only my fingers but i can only get one in. when i tried 2 the stretch hurt and i was close. i don't know how to tell if my hymen has been broken get.


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