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  1. Important. At the same time I've been with girls that never do and then it's not important. Being with someone that just does sometimes or rarely is the worst… You feel like you didn't do a good job if they don't. Lol. Maybe that's just me.

  2. For me very i love making partner cum more than coming myself love looking in her eyes while shes cumming.But everyones differrent.

  3. Not a movie, but the Netflix series “How to Build a Sex Room” is light, fun and sexy. It’s not showing sex, it’s a house makeover format reality show, but it is fun and playful about sex and has lots of ideas.

  4. You sound like an absolute dream for every male that isn't your boyfriend, which means he doesn't appreciate or respect you anymore, please realize that I hope you do well in your studies, please don't let him drag you down

  5. Yeah I guess I just need to wait until it clicks for him and he no longer can take feeling this way, thats how it was for me. Its just hard because I’ve been there and had relationships where I’ve felt like I am trying to save or fix someone but it takes too much out on me and for once I wanted to be the one being looked after. I think at some point though he will look for help, when it feels like the right time for him

  6. Thank you! This is incredibly reassuring. The amount of them on the sub is deceiving, it seems like everyone has them lol.

  7. Topics, talk about what you like and be descriptive, but also listen to your partner because they'll usually let you know whether they like it or not. Don't just force your fantasies on them, turn it into a shared fantasy you build together. This is a little bit of a challenge if the other person isn't very talkative or descriptive, and then you'd probably want to have a different discussion about why that is. Start it like you would an in-person interaction, start with flirting and PG/PG-13 stuff and work up from there, it's all part of the foreplay. When I have that sort of relationship with someone, it's usually as simple as saying “I was thinking about you” to start a conversation of the sexy variety. Assuming they're into it at the time as well, don't ever forget there is more involved than you and your own genitals.

  8. SO this has been posted on many forums before but the biggest thing that can enhance the sexual experience overall is empathy. Touch your girl like the absolute treasure she is, caress her, and for fucks sake TALK TO HER! A man whispering in your ear while he rails you is one of the sexiest things in the whole entire world! Communication, openness and acceptance will appeal to a good woman, imo.

  9. he isn't attracted to you sexualy or he just doesn't like hot sex. Only he can answer that . But. Either one of those it's a problem. He can't make him self be attracted to you and / or he can't make him self be comfortable with wild sex.

  10. In terms of going with another woman, I think he'd feel quite upset if things were completely one-sided with only you getting to sidestep monogamy. There are some more creative options if you're willing to explore them – you could go with a 'hall pass' idea where you both get to step out of monogamy with another woman with your partner's knowledge and consent. If you find the right person you could both have sex with the same woman at different times, some kind of mutual FWB if you will which could be a lot of fun. Maybe he might be ok with you and her getting together without him if you were to make some girl-girl porn just for you and him to enjoy?

  11. Maybe you should start thinking of women as people and stop spending so much time in the manosphere. You come across as extremely insecure, jealous and misogynistic. You're only talking about/focusing on your appearance and are blaming everyone else for your inability to get a date. Have you thought about that maybe you're just not attractive or charismatic or funny or any of the other things that appeal to women?

  12. Well if you’re not seeing her Often it’s understandable if she’s going to pull away it every time you come over you just try to do that immediately. It’s great to have sexual chemistry but you should be going over and saying that you have things planned for you guys to do as well and saying you should meet up places and all of that you shouldn’t just be inviting yourself over or coming over when you’re invited with nothing else to give her because that’s gonna get tiring real quick. you need to do other things so that you have a strong emotional connection so that she wants to sleep with you. Nobody wants to feel like they’re being used. I don’t know how old you are or anything but I’m telling you if you did more cute and romantic gestures that were not sex based you’d get further with her.

  13. Mine say : not to swallow, no eyes contact. So, maybe different formula ? I did not use it with a vagina, but for anal yes ! And we prefer it, as it last longer than other lubricants. Your vagina, your choice. 🥳 And i remember now : glycerin is not an option !

  14. Yea wtf lol… a woman’s hand is way different than our own hand lol that shit feels STUPID good being pulled on with some luuubee lol just my opinion tbh… FIRE

  15. This general topic is discussed quite often here. Following Forum Rule #2, take a look through the FAQ section on Erection Issues. And following Forum Rule #3, also search through past posts in this forum. There’s a lot of good information in those sources. Post removed.

  16. Not many options here other than to schedule it, put away some time in the week where you can be intimate. Believe me, putting sex on a calendar does not take away the magic or anything, and it helps getting some stress of your shoulders, since you don't have to worry about whether you'll be able today or not.

  17. I thought the whole point was once you were married god was giving you the ok to go to pound town 24/7/365.

  18. This comment right here. It's okay to find other people attractive. I find it hard to believe that she has never looked at a person and thought they were hot before getting to know them. It wasn't made clear in your post whether you are obviously checking other girls out or talking about them. If you are, her not liking that is rational. Same with you following other women on social media. If that is a boundary of hers, you either have to stop doing it, or just break up because you're not compatible. But just as the comment above says, if she is just assuming that you're checking women out all the time simply because you can appreciate someone's attractiveness without having to know them, is her problem.

  19. That review sounds like a paid affiliate lol the guy pays hundreds of content creators to create content so dont trust any good review xD


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