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  1. What do you want him to do after he climaxes? Give you bad oral sex? Get out a toy? And, whatever the answer, why aren't you telling him this? You might also want to edit your post to include that you were both virgins three months ago, had issues with even having sex initially and that he has issues with premature ejaculation. According to your post history. Context is important. This will be part of every sexual relationship you have in your life; figuring out how to communicate. Just laying there being unsatisfied and not telling him exactly what you want or need will get you nowhere.

  2. Hello, UK here so I'm assuming a comforter is a duvet? I work for one of the Hilton brands (Hampton) and everything on the bed except the mattress itself gets shipped away every cleaning run for hot cleaning. This includes housekeeping during one guest's longer stay (if they choose to have it), or one guest checking out and a new guest checking in. It would be far too unhygienic for anything to not get cleaned. Note how the duvets don't have a sheet over them – it's so the housekeepers can just launch them in for cleaning without having to faff around with taking covers off and putting them back on.

  3. I think that's the main problem (besides her being an AH) she doesn't care about you. People that aren't awful understand this stuff happens, no big deal. It was awesome you ate her out and made sure she was pleasured. I can't believe she told your friends. That's awful. If anyone that heard that has sex with her, they're fools. This speaks so poorly of her character. I think having sex with someone you can trust is so much more pleasurable than having sex with someone that will potentially judge you and tell about it.

  4. If she is pretty much ajways saying no then you know the answer. She is probably getting tired of you asking which silence does not mean yes it is ok. Wait fir a clear answer rather than asking strangers. I’m a stranger to you and can tell you that this is not a yes. You should understand that as well.

  5. Nurse here, sex won't make your muscles weaker, if anything it makes them stronger. Unless we are talking about overworking the muscle but this is really uncommon, especially at such young ages. Pee “power” depends also on how much you have to take out and how much you push. Use your abs to help the situation or push on your lower belly.

  6. You have a big cock and she loves getting pounded by it, probably one of the reasons she loves you. Her maternal instincts are probably kicking in too and subconsciously she wants you to impregnate her. Get your fitness in order, get in shape, man up and give your woman what she wants.

  7. You’ve made the first positive step of admitting it and asking for help. Now you need to make a few more steps, seek help from a qualified specialist and then follow through on receiving help until your treatment is working or has worked.

  8. I have literally no idea how to do any of tbat I was late at pretty much all my milestones and all the people I use to know have moved on and are married or have relationships

  9. It really doesn't matter how to label your sexuality. You are very obviously sexually attracted to men and there's nothing wrong with that. However, I would not try to act on anymore fantasies with your friend. Maybe you should try dating men who are already seeking other men or go to a gay club/bar and see how things go.


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