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  1. Ha ha, sometimes it can be pretty wild — but those days are always interesting. Draining yes, but one thing the job is not, is stressful.

  2. From an old man, I was taught to always pleasure my woman,to have expert oral skills,to touch and finger with clean hands and slow and steady strokes,to make sure I paid attention to all parts of the woman not just the basic parts. I was taught to not cum during oral sex and to always make sure my woman climaxed before insertion. I do these things still today and I’ve learned a few things along my way. For a man sex is work, it is not something you can just lay back and enjoy. Yes over my 61 years I have had a few women not many who loved to give oral sex,without being asked or bargained for,some even swallowed,but they were the few. Every woman expected to be given oral sex until orgasm and that wasn’t a problem,but then most always say ‘now I want that cock’ and pull you up to begin,but oral for you wasn’t thought of. And yes men do have ED now more then ever,young mens testosterone levels are that of 80 yr old men,and libido is fast becoming non existent,with gaming taking over,and women ask why. Well the food we eat is the cause of low testosterone in men,the fact that the average man is 5 to 6 inches hard,when women are led to believe every man is 8 inches and thick,due to porn,and able to fuck for hours. Watch tik tok and the interviews on the street with girls being asked how long should a man last during sex,the answers are 1 to 3 hrs. When in all reality it’s from 3 to 30 mins. We don’t stand a chance and then to be looked at like failures when we aren’t 8 inches and last an hour. In all my years and I’ve been through the swingers life,the stag vixen life and single man’s days men have to work at sex and the whole time the females pleasure is the goal,rarely do we get to lay back and get taken care of and left to cum when we want. Just my venting here.

  3. Homophobia. Simple as that. I don't care, personally. I love DP and stuff like that so I'm stranger to some balls rubbing together, y'know..

  4. You can either let it affect you, bottle it up and then lash out at him in various ways that will make you feel better but others won't understand and will judge you just making you more angry. Or you can accept it, learn that some people are that shallow and move on with the knowledge that you are stronger from the experience, the bigger person who will not do that to others and live life to the full.

  5. For sure, I think most people crave that feeling of passion and intimacy. It’s rare to find someone who shares the same desires on the frequency of intimacy, positions, kinks, turn-ons etc. But it would be unwise to think not sharing 100% sexual compatibility is a cause not to pursue someone you truely like or to continue to love the partner you once shared 100% compatibility with. Our libidos, desires and needs change over time. What once was is not always. We don’t often have sex with our partner purely for pleasure. We have sex to share a level of depth, intimacy and closeness we dont share with anyone else (if we are monogamous). So we hold space for our partners needs and their sexual preferences in order to support them in opening up to us, and vice versa. Through this sexual compatibility grows. 😊

  6. It is not open because the sex is better, that is for sure 🙂 Well for one thing, you can have a foursome (or more) and there you can do things that 2 people can not do. Variety is the spice of life – sometimes you want something different, and it is very interesting to learn how to have sex with other people due to people getting off on different things. But we did not expect in the beginning that the difference between us/others would be so big – like the quality of the orgasms. But we of course know each other the best, maybe it was a given ?


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