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  1. Never do anything except lie silently in bed waiting to go to sleep on ambient, fullstops. And NEVER take it to sleep on a long haul plane…

  2. If you pulled out before you started ejaculating, you're almost certainly in the clear. But use a condom next time.

  3. Whatever floats your boat! My wife is 4” taller than me and people still try to clown about it. I’ve always had a thing for taller women.

  4. If she’s anything like me, she may have an issue with her value to you being tied up in sex. I physically have a higher drive than my husband, but a lot of my sexual seeking is because being wanted sexually is the way I feel valued. It’s not a great thing, but alas here we are. Perhaps reassuring her or giving her affection in other ways that make it clear that you’re very into her might help. But as others stated, you have the right to say no.


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