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  1. Sounds to me like she masturbated to the sweet sounds of your sexual escapades and now wants a taste. Everyone’s been there… try some Netflix alone with her and see what happens. Sit close to her. If she gets up to get a drink then returns to sit close to you then she’s expecting a move. Or maybe not… maybe she doesn’t see you as a threat anymore because you have a girlfriend. People are complicated!

  2. Secretly posting nudes is grounds to break up. Thats not an exclusive relationship. Thats not being faithful. Thats an “open relationship” when you have strangers flirting and describing what they would do to you. Thats cheating, or emotional cheating at the least. Watching porn on a subscription platform is more of a grey area depending on the relationship. Watching porn is pretty common, but some relationships may discourage that behavior. Id say its less of a big deal unless there was a conversation prior making it clear that its wrong

  3. You're fwb and there to pleasure each other, so simply just tell him that you want him to go down on you also. You do it for him and he shouldn't have a problem doing it for you.

  4. I personally hate the taste of cum. I can't deal with the texture also so I won't let my fiance cum in my mouth and it's just fine with him. I'll still suck him but he'll finish on a cum towel. I also have past trauma with an ex who'd force me to swallow it even though his tasted so sour and nasty and one time it came out my nose and burned like Hell. I also tried to have my fiance cum on my face and it made me feel dirty cuz I'm very much into washing my face and putting different serums and creams on my face. But I have girlfriends who say they like CIM or facials but I think every girl is different and it comes down to preference.

  5. This guy posts all over reddit with this kind of shit, this is the 2nd time I've seen him on this sub. We all try to be supportive and tell him to get help but he ignores it and keeps moaning. Reported

  6. Id say you should politely and respectfully let her know you can’t reciprocate those feelings, and to prevent anyone from getting hurt you should move on from one another. The longer it goes on the more emotionally complicated it’s going to get, better to nip it in the bud and do the right thing for both of you

  7. This will be downvoted most likely, but the accuracy is pretty spot on. Most ppl are not really against prostitution itself and many would do it for the right amount. Hers just so happens to be a phone bill.

  8. This is why I've stopped sexting guys. They just want the fun of sexting and the nut and that's it. The only way I sext is if it's someone I regularly see, like a fwb, that I play with and I know they actually want to have sex with me, not just sexting.

  9. Your needs are as important as his, but if he can only get it up once or twice a day and you need more than that, then you might have to cultivate the virtue of self-reliance.

  10. There is a reason she can't find a man her own age to date— she is toxic and crazy! Run far away!! Do not give in to her, stand your ground!! It will be a huge mistake otherwise!

  11. It’s always about the adoration and losing myself in that moment. I am never to tease, but sometimes to please one must meander a bit. I change things up until I hear the words “don‘t stop.” Spontaneous is the way, but silicone toys and wands are close at hand for those times when getting her off again and again is what we both need.

  12. Definitely do not compliment him until you have seen his dick (he will think you don’t mean what you are saying). Every guy loves to be validated just as woman do. Would you like it if he said your breasts are perfect and you are so tight? We are more similar than most think!

  13. OP-Yes it can happen, but should never be used as a tactic to get someone else to do something sexual to alleviate it. That’s just dumb. For the rest of this thread-Am I the only one who enjoys the achiness and full heavy feeling from edging without release? At most I’ve gone 65 days without release and am currently on day 33 of this stint.

  14. The hymen is a myth, it might be your labia minora (inner lips) or a skin tag, is it actually attached to you, if not it might be from him or the condom if you used one. If it is attached and starts to cause pain or issues see a gyno

  15. I recently did this and I'm so glad I did. There's a building pulse setting that is so enjoyable and it doesn't rush me to the finish line.

  16. Well, the play partner would be for me, not the both of us as I don't know if the person I'm talking to would be interested in the both of us.

  17. There were a few times he did some thrusting and when he stopped, he'd wrap his arms around me, one leg over my side and he'd snore loud. It's like being cuddled by a bear sometimes lol. I think other people brought up sexomnia or stress could lead to the factor but I think it's more than likely a way of feeling secure. My husband had a bad up bringing in life so he feels most comfortable when I'm next to him.