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  1. Get to know the person, if the chemistry is right and you talk about sexy stuff from time to time you can ask her what she thinks about it. Be honest after that. If she wants a relationship, tell her that you want just fwb.

  2. It’s fine as long as you don’t start acting weird around them IRL, or tell them what you do. Knock yourself out. The Benadryl sounds more concerning.

  3. Mention therapy and talking to his doctor. There's nothing wrong with either. Make sure he knows that your needs are also not being met. Try and work out a compromise that works for both of you. Even if it's something like him taking a Viagra. The main thing is to keep the communication flowing. Keep supporting each other and working towards something that works for both of you. That compromise or goal may need to be a changing and evolving thing too.

  4. What would happen if you just…stopped engaging in any sexual acts that you don’t want to do? Would the relationship fall apart and end? Are you afraid of how he would react? Would this man who you love so much and believe loves you, treat you poorly until you gave in and serviced him? If friend was stuck in a relationship like this what would you tell them? It seems from your post and comments that this man only seems to value you for your sexual services and potential to make money. He frequently knowingly disrupts your sleep by non-consensually groping you for HOURS until you service him? Deliberate sleep disruption is considered an act of torture, are these the actions of a man who loves and respects you? What are you getting out of this relationship?

  5. What a fucking piece of shit, I’m so so sorry this is happening to you. And your poor boyfriend…that man will probably never recover from this. I read your post to my boyfriend and he said that will make that man forever insecure about his size and competence in the bedroom 🙁 your ex just down right sabotage your whole relationship for what? Like really….what a shitty thing to do. You could take legal action as mentioned in other comments because your ex absolutely should not get away with this. As for your relationship I’m really not sure how that can be mended, possibly couples therapy? I truly hope you fix your situation and you end up on top while your ex gets what’s coming for him.

  6. Is he on SSRIs? (Anxiety/depression medications). That can have an effect. Ive had sex with this girl im seeing about 6 times and i still havent came as im on SSRIs. Just ask him about it.

  7. Some positions feel like nothing. Obviously readjust and try again, or move onto the next thing. Don’t sweat it too much. Your first session likely won’t (and shouldn’t be) very long and drawn out. Take your time, but don’t try to make it last just because you wanna redeem yourself or because you feel conditioned that longer = better. It can be awkwardly silent. Talk to each other and check in a lot with her especially. Make sure she’s feeling okay. Lube it up… no offense should be taken on either of your ends for this. This is just to make things actually go where they belong and stay. Alternatively, things will occasionally slip out of the places they’re supposed to be and it may either 1) feel kinda yucky and or 2) make a yucky noise. You laugh it off and move on. Noises are normal. You’re literally mashing body parts… don’t fret it. Overall, as long as you have moderate expectations, use protection, communicate and prioritize comfort / understanding each other over performance or longevity, you will be fine. If it goes horribly wrong somehow, also let it go. It’s a tricky situation and sometimes cringey shit happens. It’s human. Have fun and be responsible. Once you figure it out, it’s a really fabulous thing 🙂

  8. Just have sex in the dark or with small light far away from the room. Play some music while you fuck. Hell,Sony even sells portable speakers with led lights that will fill a room with music and a little light to set the vibe. You will be able to hide your belly and enjoy the sex comfortably with your boo lol

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  10. All nipples are different, and things can change how sensitive they are. Mine were never super sensitive to start, but breastfeeding babies made mine even less so.

  11. Imagination land. We are childfree AND have breeding kink. He’s had a vasectomy and I’ve had a hysterectomy. He still talks about filling me up. And loves cumming in me.

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  13. It’s astounding. The number of “my bf smells. My bf doesn’t wipe his ass. My bf shits himself” posts are too high. Way too high.


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