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  1. Communication is key! TALK to him asap. Also: I’m so sorry to hear this OP. Other than taking legal action for yourself, could you show your BF this post? To a reader it is very obvious that you love your current BF and to me it seems like you have way better sex with him than with your ex. That exact same realization is what your boyfriend needs. Be honest and upfront about the praise kink.

  2. I can only speak for myself. I (40F) have never fully enjoyed and relaxed into anal sex. I have had several sexual partners, but my husband is the only one I've had anal sex with. Anal encounter #1 was horrendous – together ~10 years, (husband was experienced in anal sex with other women previously and enjoyed it himself), a small amount of alcohol consumed, no lube, pain, bleeding, absolute shocker. Me: left completely confused. Not wanting to attempt again. Fast forward to many years later, husband interested to try again, but given no advice from his (more experienced) self. Husband cock would not go in :facepalm: I am determined to try and be “good” at anal. After I do my research and prep, we have the odd few anal successes (he cums in me) but there is zero pleasure for me. It upsets my anal flora and takes me a few days to recover. I feel like I'm shitting myself and it's exclusively for his benefit. However, in the process, I've learned that finger penetrative in my anus during cunnilingus is pleasurable and I have managed to orgasm with a small dildo in my ass. I've concluded that penis in anus is not really for me. I do however love to peg my husband and he enjoys anal penetration way more that I do.


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