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  1. My favorite subtype of missionary (not sure if it has its own name tbh) is when my ankles are by his neck and he’s sort of holding himself up by holding onto my legs and sort of kneeling. It goes a lot deeper that way too and doesn’t slide out as much. Plus there’s something hot about a man grabbing my legs and shoving them so far back and just drilling 😭😭

  2. Its completely normal and nothing to be ashamed about. My husband and I work in the same business and when I see him working (he's a mechanic) I get so turned on. I sometimes text him telling him this as well. Could you possibly feel ashamed because of the whole “men shouldn't perv on women at the gym/vice versa” thing? Or maybe because you were around people? Either way, the way your mind and body reacted to your boyfriend getting all 'hot and bothered' is totally normal.


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