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  1. Not being “interested” is fine, but it sounds more like you're “not interested” in turning other people on since it doesn't do anything for you. Maybe that's not the case and I am over-extrapolating but the tone of your post feels pretty dismissive or perhaps annoyed? Why do you think these guys ask to see this stuff?

  2. I can feel his dick pulsating and bulging, and i can feel extra warmth of the cum but i dont feel like the wetness of it? If that makes sense lol

  3. I think it’s difficult to make that step, just as someone perhaps who never has touched themselves in front of another person would have a big block to overcome to get to being able to do that. Could you come to an agreement that you will guarantee each other that you will be supportive and try out even just one thing that the other shares is something they’d like to try? Obviously not to the extent of above, but for you right now, even just something like asking him to spend five minutes touching you down there with his fingers, he should be able to at least give a shot. If you’re able to go first, that might break the ice a bit for him, and then he can take a turn asking for what he would like to try. If words are too much, then it could even be an agreement to non verbally show or guide the other person — taking his hand and guiding it down there and even showing him what feels good.

  4. I am uncut and had a hernia in the groin when I was young so had to go to the doc for a while afterwards and he just inspected everything since everything was hanging out. Because the skin is attached to the head, it needs to be massaged off gently. Doesn't need to be all in one day. I remember it took me a number of weeks or maybe even month or two to get it completely detached. Just pull it back (in a bath as people are suggesting, or just when you go take a piss but be gentle) and massage along where it is attached until it starts to come off then focus on that area and work along the edge massaging it off slowly. When it comes off it looks pretty much like a regular dick. functions the same too, believe it or not.


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