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  1. That’s how you know it’s an issue though, when I face something that gives me any sort of stress I know I need to work through it. Also you could just talk about a lack of self confidence, not the sexual component of it!

  2. Soooo…. You going to let us know your POS ex BF name so we can contact him directly? I'm sure having hundreds of reddit people contacting him and telling him what a POS he is will really get him going, lol

  3. Sounds horrible cause you've slept with other guys but now your punishing your current bf/fiance by making him wait. If you were a virgin it be one thing but you're not but worse yet you marry this guy and then guess what, you'll be comparing him to every other guy you slept with or worse yet if you're not satisfied he will.

  4. If you're a person who wants to wait to have sex within the bonds of marriage, then there's an obvious question about how to make that sex good. Is it just something you happen to trip over, or is it something you build? The answer is some of both. Obviously, if sex is something you get good at — and it is — then it's built over time. But before then comes the fundamental question that also underlines a relationship: What are we trying to build? It should go without saying, but, it's easier to build something together if you both agree on what you're building. This is why people talk about the test drive: the easiest way to verify all this is to just do it and see if it works out. However, this isn't the only way. You can also determine compatibility via in-depth and comprehensive conversation. Websites like MojoUpgrade and WeShouldTryIt can be helpful in guiding this discussion. In my opinion, you skip this conversation (or test drive) at your own peril. There are a number of things that spouses don't have to have in common. If you like watching House of the Dragon but your spouse doesn't, you just watch it alone (or with friends). If they don't share your religion, you can still practice it by yourself. If they don't like your job, who cares? You don't have to have these things in common. But what about sexual differences? What happens if one person wants to have more sex, different sex, different sexual activities, than the other does? Who do you go with to have that different sex? This is why sex is one of the two things every married couple absolutely must agree on. The other is the question of children. None of this requires you to wait until marriage. But make sure you know where you draw your boundaries. Sex may not be something you do before marriage, but it should be something you discuss.

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  6. The reason you have testicles dangling under your body, instead of packaged inside like a woman's ovaries, is because producing sperm requires very specific temperatures. (They can be retracted or deployed at need depending on the ambient temperature. That's why you'll find your ballsack shriveled up when you're cold.) You can see how a hot tub could potentially short-circuit this process.

  7. Clearly against the rules here, expect to catch permaban. And nobody is going to pay you for dick pics, anyway.

  8. Not based on what she said. She said they have to “take a little break,” and that she doesn’t enjoy oral as much as PiV, which says that he’s willing to do what he can, but physically can’t do what she wants. To me that sounds like she doesn’t understand how guys work, not like the guy is not trying to please her. He’s not a dildo and need a break after finishing before his dick works again. Very common

  9. Coconut oil spoils… I used to put it in my hair and oh holy crap it stunk to high heaven a day or so later.. Opt for a mild soap and pat dry. If you must use some kind of oil try an almond or jojoba. The possibility of coconut oil irritating your partners genitals is a factor as well. If you are washing and drying and using a skin friendly oil I’m sure it’s fine. I’m only mentioning drying because most people are unaware that moisture is a breeding grounds for bacteria even on the body. Pat, don’t rub! Rubbing can cause irritation.

  10. Yes, normal – helps make sure she's feeling comfortable and not have a full bladder before sex. Easy problem to fix re the smell – just wash up a little after peeing.

  11. I think you should start by adjusting your expectations. I noticed the frequency of sex my fiancé and I were having diminish when my fiancé moved in with me and like you I questioned why that was when we would have sex several times over the span of a weekend in the beginning. She explained it simply that life stuff happens. If she works a stressful job, has responsibilities outside of the job, kids etc that all plays into how high sex is prioritized. Also helping out in being a supportive partner if she is feeling stressed can work wonders

  12. Everyone have their own boundaries and that's ok. I get if some of my fellows don't want to kiss immediately after oral, but a couple of days?? That is insane and childish.

  13. r/PolyamoryR4R Edit: This is specifically if you’re looking for it to be a throuple/continued non-monogamy type sich, if it’s just for a singular casual fling, might wanna try local swinger’s groups that aren’t like 99% older people

  14. You can’t, except by asking them. Even then, they may not really know. Most people have a high sex drive in the early part of the relationship. But for quite a few it tapers once they get settled into things.

  15. Our neighbor's son did that with his wife. That ended their marriage. Run away from this asshole. Find a better man. Grieve over what happened.

  16. You wouldn’t have that issue with me. I’d give you a complete breakdown of everything I want and like. But to answer your question. He is afraid of being judged if he opens up

  17. Regardless of what they say, one size does not fit all. No penis is a perfect cylinder, so take numbers with a grain of salt and Treat condoms like shoes. Audition different brands, models, and materials until you find a good fit, preferably in a few options. That base ring is a bitch because even some “larger” condoms have narrow ring. My advice, go custom and skip all that headache. MyONE is my goto. MySize is great too. My two cents. Good luck, fam.

  18. Do you know a male who you both trust? If so, you could play the situation again but this time with another ending… The other male is the 'rapist' and you both order him around what he has to do – first as it happened – and then you change the story in a way that feels good for both of you… If you both agree that it is worth a try, try it, if not, don't do it.

  19. Oh hi! I have chronic UTIs as well. Game changer when I started using this supplement my uro-gyno suggested called D-Mannose. It’s basically irresistible to the bacteria that cause infections in the bladder; they attach to the unique mannose sugars and you pee it all away. On top of your process above, I’ll add one of those pills with a glass of water as well. Also the only other supplement the specialist recommended was Ellura, it’s the best on market for the chemical In Cranberry that works (PAC). No extra acidic cranberry to irritate things, just high doses of the stuff that helps. It’s expensive but also works well. Much better than Azo (which never worked for me and would make it more uncomfortable from being so acidic). Prelief before eating acidic things also helps if you’ve gotten to the place where such things irritate you.


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