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  1. That’s how you know it’s an issue though, when I face something that gives me any sort of stress I know I need to work through it. Also you could just talk about a lack of self confidence, not the sexual component of it!

  2. Soooo…. You going to let us know your POS ex BF name so we can contact him directly? I'm sure having hundreds of reddit people contacting him and telling him what a POS he is will really get him going, lol

  3. Sounds horrible cause you've slept with other guys but now your punishing your current bf/fiance by making him wait. If you were a virgin it be one thing but you're not but worse yet you marry this guy and then guess what, you'll be comparing him to every other guy you slept with or worse yet if you're not satisfied he will.

  4. If you're a person who wants to wait to have sex within the bonds of marriage, then there's an obvious question about how to make that sex good. Is it just something you happen to trip over, or is it something you build? The answer is some of both. Obviously, if sex is something you get good at — and it is — then it's built over time. But before then comes the fundamental question that also underlines a relationship: What are we trying to build? It should go without saying, but, it's easier to build something together if you both agree on what you're building. This is why people talk about the test drive: the easiest way to verify all this is to just do it and see if it works out. However, this isn't the only way. You can also determine compatibility via in-depth and comprehensive conversation. Websites like MojoUpgrade and WeShouldTryIt can be helpful in guiding this discussion. In my opinion, you skip this conversation (or test drive) at your own peril. There are a number of things that spouses don't have to have in common. If you like watching House of the Dragon but your spouse doesn't, you just watch it alone (or with friends). If they don't share your religion, you can still practice it by yourself. If they don't like your job, who cares? You don't have to have these things in common. But what about sexual differences? What happens if one person wants to have more sex, different sex, different sexual activities, than the other does? Who do you go with to have that different sex? This is why sex is one of the two things every married couple absolutely must agree on. The other is the question of children. None of this requires you to wait until marriage. But make sure you know where you draw your boundaries. Sex may not be something you do before marriage, but it should be something you discuss.


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