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PleaseeMenaked live sex chat

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  1. I had the exact same problem of small perineal tears after sex (despite using loads of lube) and was very worried about it. Turns out it was just dry skin from using soap on my vulva whilst showering, now I only use moisturising emollient body wash and have had zero issues. Hope it gets better!

  2. You need to break up with him in public* better safe than sorry (lessons from an unfortunately similar experience) I would even recommend just doing it over the phone.

  3. I love this and wish more people were open like this. Ur type of personality creates for a lot of creativity fun and exploration in the bedroom!

  4. Yes I imagine someone who knows they viciously lash out at people would probably just handwave it away as “shit happens, totally normal” to assuage their own conscience.

  5. At these ages, there is definitely a gap that prevents most people from creating a healthy dynamic. Your instincts are sound. His are non-existent and overriden by emotion and horniness. It's not that there is zero chance at a healthy, happy relationship. It's that the probability is low. If it's just casual sex? It's not likely a problem.(Assuming you both can do casual sex in a healthy way). If it starts getting serious, you will have added challenges to navigate.

  6. Personally, no. I just need about 5 minutes and then I can go again if I’m using my hands only. If I’m using my clit sucker, I can keep going over and over after just several seconds. The more sex I have, the more sex I want to have, I find. I think it’s because I’m thinking about it more.

  7. I live in Poland, I cannot access abortion here. I did point this out to him… but he completely ignored the fact

  8. Been there. I can imagine. My ex and me had a dead bedroom situation that stemmed from her low libido. We went to marriage counseling and found most of it came from her childhood. We were on opposite ends of the sexual spectrum and went downhill… you guessed it, right after our wedding. After several months. I slowly emotionally detached and she didn’t even initiate even after many months of communication, overextending and caring. This situation is tough and will test you, drain you and help you be concrete in your resolve. Ask yourself the real questions, get therapy and see where it goes.

  9. Is it having sex that puts you out of commission, or is it orgasm? In other words, it may be that if you make a point of not cumming from a session, you’ll be up for another the next day. And you can do that more than once. When you do cum you’ll probably need some time off like always, but it’s a possible way to have the same number of orgasms you’re having now, and a lot more sex.

  10. Read romance books . There’s this smut book called three doors and it’s about a group of 6 friends who end up doing lots of things. But it’s very sexual and hot. You can try to get into the characters and than watch them play out sex and more stuff and it could get you on your mood. Possibly having fantasies u didn’t think of . Reading this can help because with porn you don’t know these people at all. Fantasizing there’s not enough imagination. With reading you can actually connect with the character more and even imagine her to be yourself which can help you get turn on! The second book has even better smut if u need extra

  11. Cause sometimes life and situation is more important. Maybe he's amazing every way else or maybe you hope he'll get better


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