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  1. Yea this helps a ton. I have a dumb high libido and if my wife gives me a handjob or I masturbate I'm horny the next day. If we have passionate fulfilling sex I'm good for a few days. It's like being hungry and to satisfy it you drink some water. It staves off the hunger for a short time but it comes back quick. That steak dinner on the other hand

  2. Thank you! I share this perspective. Because the seedy sex theaters men used to go to have moved into our phones, we’re supposed to be okay with it? All because it’s easier to access? No way.

  3. Hard to choose one time exactly, but probably one of the times where I was able to take care of her incredibly well, followed by several sex positions, mixed in with some slightly new elements.

  4. Can’t really see, but feel it under the skin. Also, I had nexplanon for a year, it was god awful. Brought back my acne after going through accutane, gained 40lbs, mood was all over the place, spotting/extensively long periods. I was on the pill before nexplanon, overall I would suggest non-hormonal birth control. I’ve had my copper IUD for a year now. Much better off without the hormones in my experience. I don’t think most women really know how detrimental hormonal birth control can be…but to each their own.

  5. I’m sorry to be the elephant in the room but that’s just an attempted ego stroke. We all have off days – don’t beat yourself up – but don’t let this become a dragon you chase either.

  6. It takes time and effort to find a good match. Even then most don't last. Keep looking, meeting people and don't settle until you find the right person.

  7. Realistically, men who like “thick women” or women with big boobs tend to be attracted to women who have given birth. It has less to do with milf and more to do with a weight gain and having nursed a child.


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