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  1. DPing a chick is basically like rubbing your penis against another man's. If it's something he's not just as excited about as you are about being double stuffed, I'd think twice and maybe stay with toys. 3some dynamics are also complicated for partners who aren't all well connected already. You might want to try putting a vibrator up one hole while your bf stays in the other.

  2. Here’s what you get wrong. Nobody cares what your headcannon about sex is. It’s not about what you think sex is or isn’t. Obviously you don’t think what you did was sex, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that out. But you are wrong. I don’t have to read your mind, you spoke it out loud and it is incorrect. What you did IS SEX whether you like that or not. You don’t get to pick what does or doesn’t count as sex. Under your definition, lesbians can never have sex, and that is obviously wrong

  3. It's not the same. They are very different sensations. They can even produce very different types of orgasms. Try to think of it as a buffet and you're the main course. I have an entire collection. He's the thing that satisfies both body and soul.

  4. It's called a bloody mary.. ;).. better in the shower, but what the fuck.. shit happens. Laugh it off and keep moving..

  5. Just by the comments, it looks like you’ve exhausted your ability to get him to understand where you’re coming from. It’s either he doesn’t care or he’s brain dead. At this point, you’re really just seeking enough validation from strangers on the internet to really confirm what you already know. It’s been 2 fucking years, you’ve said so yourself. Grow up and actually do something about it because nothings going to change if you’ve truly communicated to him now you feel. If the answer still isn’t obvious… it’s break up. To be

  6. He raped you , yes . You didn’t say it was ok for him to initiate anything sexual when you were asleep , and he knew it wasn’t ok as he wouldn’t have straight up said he raped you . Sorry doesnt mean anything when you know you are raping your partner and still do it .

  7. We don't want our partner to be in the same shoes but sometimes it helps if they a look into your perspective. A little of “oh God this is what you feel like after work?” type of thing.

  8. Accept things as they are, accept her as she is or move on, you can't change others only they can, if the conversations didn't help she probably isn't going to change.

  9. You freaking idiot. This is karma for not wrapping it with a rando. Do you have no respect for your own dick?

  10. me reading the title: Leave him. Reading the bulk of it: Leave. Him. Reading the last paragraph: LEAVE HIM OMG.

  11. The odor comes only when it is retracted. It is not present when its not retracted. I cant wash it becos i cant touch head of my penis 😭😭


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