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  1. I don’t recomend watching porn or anything keep the focus on eachother. Go to (iliterotica. Tags) Send eachother stories to get in the mood. Also. I had the same issue. Was always tired or my libido had crashed. I’m 30m. Well I talked to someone about it. Well come to find out my testosterone had crashed. Few testosterone replacement shots and i feel 18. Also. Do your part. When you do have sex. Do things that make him crave it again. Oral. Use your vibrator on yourself while giving him head. Or even use the vibe on him to tease him. He could also be watching porn without you knowing so it may take more for you to get him to the level that porn does. So be nasty. Do things out of character. Explore your own fantasies or kinks and he might come out of his shell

  2. I’m sure it’s safe, as long as both of you consent and understand what the consequences could be if you are the 1%. That being said my fiancé and I have been using the pull out method or just straight it up creampies when we know I’m not ovulating. 2 years in and not pregnant yet knock on wood

  3. Don’t need fancy clothes. Just lead more often. Start by going to him and simply taking him to a room getting him undressed.


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