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8 thoughts on “SexySofiaxnaked live sex chat

  1. That's awesome!! My gf isn't huge into cum play. She's not a fan of the texture but swallows regardless (bonus points), so I try my best to spoil her when she does. It's a very personal thing for me when someone swallows haha

  2. Yes you can basically destroy your rectum. Ask any older bottom in the gay community and they will tell you they need a new rectum and anus and they are suffering serious long term health problems.

  3. Should be “if he ever loved you, had a sense of morality, and respect, he would have never started” Cheating is cheating.

  4. lol, my bf put it like this one day: “babe, i ain't gotta last long for myself.” he then basically said he tries to keep it together as long as he can for my benefit. really touching convo, in context. really reminds me that focusing on pleasing each other often ends up being a good way to go about it.

  5. Sounds like maybe he likes a more direct / “harder” approach? Can you not just start touching / making out? As the partner who always initiates, it does suck for that to not be reciprocated, but if he has so many limits he should be communicating with you what he needs and what works for him.


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