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  1. My wife does this to me. She constantly talks about my “big thick cock”. I'm not that big, but I am bigger than average. So I just shrug it off or sometimes just follow up with “it's not that big” depending on the circumstances. I'm proud of it, but I know I'm not huge.

  2. Yeah I guess it’s cause I don’t have a partner so we don’t have big discussions about it but still could do that in a low key way. Maybe what I’ll do is start saying how do you want me to move or something oh god so embarrassing

  3. Nobody can tell you want you want only yourself. Nothing wrong for knowing what you want and having it. But the aftercare you want is not possible with what you desire or want as well. There is but it paid for, if understood lol. Nothing wrong with celebite as well. You are 25, I was in a relationship with a woman older in her 40s. She told me , she thought she fulfilled or peaked her sexual desires and appetite. We both thought because of age difference young stamina but was just how we made each other felt. I apologize for the storyline but we started as that but eventually became more. ⁸⁶

  4. I recently had a conversation with my closest friend in which he mentioned how he recently learned to no longer feel a visual preference for his wife removing her body hair. He kept it relatively vague so it wasn't clear which body parts exactly it was about, and I felt that asking for that detail would be disrespectful towards the privacy of his wife. That's the most detailed conversation I had with a man about a woman's body. I'm 30 years old. So yes, I do think there's a very stark difference in attitudes between the genders here. With my female friends, I had occasional conversations about their partner's body, that I don't think my male friends would have mentioned. For example, a friend (formerly with benefits) told me that with her current partner, they had erection problems that were probably anxiety-related, and she asked for input what I think might help him to relax. She also mentioned that while his genitals were on the smaller size, whereas most of her lovers had been rather big (specifically mentioning some names), she doesn't mind. I can't see myself telling people in real life who know my girlfriend in any way details about her breast size or how her vulva looks / her vagina's shape and feeling, which would be quite analogous. I'd feel really strongly that I'm sharing intimate details that she didn't agree to having me share with others. I'd only mention those reluctantly if they are relevant to a topic while anonymous on the internet or talking to my therapist.

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  6. Vaginal penetration for me can range from “ow that hurts” to “I feel nothing” to “THIS IS THE MOST PLEASURABLE SENSATION IVE EVER EXPERIENCED” This depends highly on how aroused you are physically and how much your vaginal canal is tenting and prepped for penetration. It took a lot of exploration before I learned what I liked sexually and how to make my vagina tent so I could experience the third sensation. If I’m not properly aroused, it still feels like the first two.

  7. My advice is to continue kissing, touching, going down on her, watching her touch you or herself while putting the condom on and after it is on until you slowly are in. You can also pick up water-based lube and use some of that because lube on condom might not be enough or might not last long enough.

  8. Okay okay. Thanks! And yeah, it’s probably because I actually am a femboy, and small, and the like, that I attract all the tops. Again, I’m not going to say “how dare they” because I know how I look, but rather, “how do I work on being a good top”, you know? Once more, thank you. I appreciate the advice!

  9. Also, I would be avoiding caffeine, alcohol and acidic beverages and spicy acidic foods. Do you have your gallbladder still?

  10. Velvet swing. Although I’m not sure how available this is outside of my state. It’s created right here in my city. One of the women who made it has been making cannabis lube for a long time. I trust the old school stoners in my city more than others. We have the world's largest annual gathering advocating the legalization of cannabis. We even had this long before weed was legalized here.

  11. Also, for me, what boosts my confidence, is being touched. Like if I’m wearing a pair of pants and my SO thinks my ass looks great in them and he grabs my bus or just teases my butt, it makes me feel pretty attractive

  12. My wife prefers PIV only. No orals, no fingering, no nipple play. What are the other pleasure points? She's very ticklish too.

  13. He completely did slut shame you, and not only that, but he tried to repeatedly do stuff to you without asking for consent. Good on you for not speaking to him again. Plus what is he, 16? Adults should be able to tell each other what they fucking like, and what they don’t, so you don’t have to guess during.


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