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  1. Life is not porn, women are not just in total ecstasy with each stroke of a “man” being inside of her … there are many many more factors at play here and there are so many that have nothing to do with the size, shape or any build of your “member” My real life suggestion I make to anyone who is willing to listen to me even briefly… find out what the female anatomy “esp down there” is about, then you’re going to realize it is so many things and none of them are even about you or even slightly “personal” … it’s complicated in so many wats and figuring out how to make it work for your partner’s pleasure, instead if concerning yourself about why your specific “size/shape/girth” isn’t “good enough”? you’ll realize it’s a curse (somewhat) if biology and isn’t a fail whatsoever on anyones part. Thankfully we live in a time when we can find assistance to reaching the best spots for each other and with some mature thinking we can understand it’s for the pleasure of each other, not about a failure of either side, especially about things that are purely genetic or biological, none of it is a personal affront. I know this because I was always too thin/skinny to have tits or ass, my ex had a less than average size and we still found ways to completely please each other fully. Education is your friend, reputable sources, not just porn, fyi 😅


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