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  1. Well the thing is I do masturbate some times a week. But when I do it it’s more because I’m bored. It’s not because I feel “turned on” or “sexually frustrated” or anything. Not until I start. So idk what to take from that

  2. The point is not that they are ‘bad lovers’. They are pornsick. Almost all men under 35 years have a porn addiction. There is no helping that. She deserves great sex and you can’t get that from a younger guy. They are too brainwashed and simply not mature enough. Sex should be fun for women too. Not something that we have to learn our partners. Fuck that shit.

  3. Also, there is bad at sex (which in my definition would be more like clumsy, not getting angles right, bad kisser) and actively hurting you and making you afraid. If the trust is gone and this is a new relationship, I'd cut my losses.

  4. Honestly on both their parts. OPs man is clearly being an ass with the way he’s taken jabs/phrased things. It’s manipulative. However, regardless. It’s totally reasonable to want a long term partner where you can have penetrative sex. They both should honestly just move on and find someone that matches better.

  5. It’s not even just anal sex though, he doesn’t even let her use a dildo shaped like his…. That’s a serious mental hangup he should work on

  6. So he has sex with you twice and he says he is not attracted to you sexually? Obviously he finds you sexually attractive but he is an asshole. Who does he think he is to make you lose confidence and then have sex with you again. He is not a nice guy and he is not a good friend. Toss him, honestly what a horrible human being. That can end up in manipulation, you don’t want that.

  7. About all you can do is go to couple's therapy together. You, OP, have a lot to learn about being in an intimate relationship. This isn't really his problem, you just made it a problem with your insensitive comments. You should get some individual therapy as well, so you don't continue to hurt people you claim to love. Then together in couple's therapy there might be a chance at resurrecting your mutual trust.

  8. I blame porn for this. It's uncanny once you notice it, how the couples in porn are always leaning faaaarrrr away from each other so the camera can get a clear view of the bodies and the penetration. And people end up learning this alongside all the other bad habits they pick up from porn. Sex should be cuddly!

  9. Nothing in this post makes much sense and I suspect trolling. If your family consists of (presumably) 5 people, why are you driving 2-3 hours in a car that doesn’t have enough seat belts for the number of people in the family? If you were at your grandparents place for an entire week why was it necessary to leave at midnight? I could maybe buy that for a weekend trip but not a one week stay. On the very “off chance” that you are not a troll, you simply apologize if you made her uncomfortable but link your sister to an article that discusses random erections and make it clear that it was beyond your control and not sexual in nature.


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