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Hey! I’m back es. Today want so much fun and big cock in my mouth // At goal Ride toy [308 tokens remaining]

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  1. Honestly, the only way to avoid catching feelings is not put yourself in the position. But, sounds like you may have ALREADY developed some feels. Better talk this one out before getting hurt. A good FWB can be great, if it's what both parties want.

  2. Start gently by wrapping your hand around her throat, tell her to communicate how much pressure we wants. Together you’ll find the sweet spot 🙂

  3. Mentally there is no contest. There is very little mental pleasure from hook up sex aside from *maybe* the idea that you made a conquest. In relationships, there is major mental pleasure. Physically, sex either way is about how the sex is, which is a product of how much effort both partners put into it. With a hook up, most of the time the sex is underwhelming unless both people are experienced, since you haven't had a chance to get to know each other and find out each other's wants, desires, and vulnerabilities. The big thrill of a hook up is the pleasure that comes from a lustful connection. The quality of the sex from a hook up is hit or miss, and although I have never had hook up sex, I have heard that from both male and female friends who have. Sex with a connection is much, much better. A real FWB (which is rare) or a solid relationship makes for quality sex and the ability to learn together.

  4. I mean if it's a technique thing, just coach him. Every guy that's not an egomaniac asshole will take the tips and appreciate them. If it's an issue with the actual structure of his tongue and guys with (rougher?) tongues have previously satisfied you, then maybe just tell him you prefer PinV or other sex stuff. If you hated a specific vibrator you wouldn't keep using it if it didn't feel good, right? No reason to have a bad time and fake it with his tongue that you just don't like if you guys are otherwise sexually compatible. I'm a guy though, so idk about having a too smooth tongue on my lady bits. Good luck


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