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  1. Yeah this is solid advice. I’d warn against listening to folks on here telling you your relationship needs to end, etc. I’ve been through this experience too and wish I’d handled it as well as you did. You are looking for how to handle it, speaking up and seem willing to address it with your SO. I just tried harder to enjoy sex. Which backfired. Now my SO and I are taking the wonky stuff in our relationship seriously and things are slowly getting better. But it’s hard work to change and me avoiding conflict made it all exponentially worse. The disgust for me was a symptom resulting from dysfunction in and out of the bedroom combined w me trying the “just do it” approach to sex. My body and brain noped out of that and- voila!- body reaction of disgust. Just a heads up, along w that came dreading sex. In case that shows up for you. When I didn’t listen to my body after that, eventually panic and disassociation. So… be smarter than me. 🙂 I found the book So Tell Me About The Last Time You Had Sex. quite helpful. I wrote out the answers to questions posed in the book and it gave me a lot of clarity and new ways to handle my complicated feelings around sex. Good Luck!

  2. But I'm a little concerned that your wife is regularly drinking to the point of having blackouts to begin with Really surprised I had to scroll down as far as I did to find the first person concerned about this part of the story.

  3. I don't think sex would be a main factor to our relationship, but I'm learning more and more that I have a high libido. It would definitely be more than a few minutes.


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