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  1. As a women, Ive always liked it. In fact, it's the only position I can have an orgasm in. I never understood all the bashing it got.

  2. 23M here: I don't know why guys are afraid of the mess. Let's just do what we both want and clean up after. It's one week of blood, like damn.

  3. I got this slimline, waterproof. USB-rechargeable vibrator from Good Vibrations when rebuilding my sex toy collection after my divorce. It is water-resistant (good for clitoral, insertion, or bathtub use), phalate and latex-free (no nasty chemicals), and it has multiple strength and patterns from gentle to pretty strong. Lo and behold, I was not aware until I got intimate with my new GF that she had never used a vibrator before, so I can give you her opinion of it as a newbie. She’s still getting used to it – she’s been a detatchable shower-head kind of girl – but the lower settings are coming in handy to introduce it and not overwhelm. She hasn’t tried insertion with it yet – it is still new to her, we’re sticking to labial and clitoral stimulation for now, and she’s more interested in the real thing as far as insertion at the moment… Still, I think it is providing a good starter vibe to expand her horizons a bit after an apparently extremely vanilla couple of exes. They are having 20% off right now. While this is a little pricier than the lowest models, the safe materials and extra features are worth it. Quality matters. (I get no kickback from this. I just like the vendor and product.) Good Vibrations – Rechargeable Slimline Vibrator

  4. If he’s avoiding sex with you, maybe it’s because he’s feeling insecure due to that. It might be good to have a conversation, tell him that it’s important for both of you to be honest, and figure out what the issue actually is and how to address it.

  5. “open air environments” so basically once air dried, HIV was already dead and can't infect anyone. Take note of “AIR DRIED”. Most of this needle puncture incidents only happens inside the lab, where blood samples are still intact (bc we take care of it for prior tests) which means the hiv is still alive. My prof told us when she's still studying, one of her co-interns got infected with HIV bc he accidentally punctured the syringe himself on his finger when he's about to put the needle lid, where in most likely will not happen on the beach bc the blood will probably be air dried in seconds.

  6. Sex is a component of love. The amount of sex that someone wants to have can vary from none to a lot. But the important part is that partners are aligned in their needs. I agree with you; it's like any other component of a healthy relationship. If both OP and his girlfriend didn't want to have sex frequently, then more power to them. But if one partner is on the opposite end of the spectrum, then it's time to sit down and discuss things. Sex isn't some superficial need. Besides the fact that it feels good, it's a physical (and emotional) way of connecting and expressing love. Again — if both of you didn't need it frequently or at all, then fine. But it's not great if one of you does and the other actively avoids it. Nobody is the bad guy here, but your needs aren't being met. And if yours were met, then hers wouldn't be. Breakups absolutely suck, if it comes down to one. But don't live your life like this: I'm staring down the possibility of living the rest of my life never feeling needed or desired sexually and that is tough. It will lead to depression, resentment, and a whole host of bigger issues. OP needs someone who at least remotely matches his libido/sexual needs. Don't fall for the sunk cost fallacy; yes 7 years is a long time, but the years will keep going by if you don't do anything about it. You're not being superficial for wanting the basics.

  7. My bf has aids and most of the time he doesn’t wear them during sex… that being said he’d never do any of the things you listed above. If it’s obvious I’m not into it or trying to sleep he’s respectful of that – you have every right to feel violated. If it truly is because he is “inexperienced” you definitely need to lay some ground rules and he needs to be able to communicate with you non-verbally but… how long has he had hearing loss?? Honestly I have a hard time believing he doesn’t pick up on body language if he’s had it for any significant amount of time…even for hearing people 70% of communication is non-verbal. Soooooo that just seems like a real bad excuse…

  8. In a bj you’re just receiving and focused on the sensation and the visual. Sex has those but you’re also performing – putting the work in, trying to please, being aware of your partner’s movements and responses. There’s less vocalism because not all of our attention is on how it feels. Also if we’re in control of the motion – even if it feels great – we know what to expect so the reaction is different. That’s not to say bj’s are better – most men would choose PIV easily if they had to pick. But it IS a big part of why getting good blowjobs makes such a difference to us.

  9. I think fantasy is an important part of sexuality. People fantasize all the time – and who claims he doesn't, usually is not telling the truth. As many said before: piv is not the only way – tbh in many cases even the hardest way to achieve an orgasm for her. For me, there's the rule 'ladies first' – simply due to the fact, that I've come to the understanding, that women can have several orgasms and have fun after the first, while for myself, my 'drive' subsides quickly after I've cum. In my personal case I'd suppose her orgasm is achived in about 90% of the cases outside piv and she claims to be very happy with it – so I wouldn't nescessarily give piv too much credit. I feel, famtasies are a way of our minds to cope with the difference beween our desires: I love my partner with all my heart, I literally couldn't betray her. Nontheless – or just because of this – I fantasize about things I'd like to do with her – or sometimes also with others. I don't know if you ever had a similar experience, where I think the huge difference between fantasy and reality – and the fact, that they have only a loose connection, becomes obvious: I have some kinks, turning me on very much. If I fantasize about them, it gets me off in no time. For example, getting her off and then penetrating her to get off myself – and after that licking her clean. While I love oral with her and it's one of my super-kinks to get her off orally and while my tongue is in her, I can't get me to do the second part. (While – as said – imagining it, is a heavy turnon for me). Fantasy vs. Reality. I've got fantasies about things I'd NEVER be able to do, even when my life depended on it. So I wouldn't think of fantasies as 'bad' if they involve 'forbidden fruits'. On the other hand, you should verify, that you actually have a (preferably strong) connection to your partner. Fantasy alone is definitely not enough. This said, I'd like to add, that you also might try to speak about your fantasies with your partner. My partner and I love to tell us our fantasies as a prequel to or even during sex. In the best case, your fantasy is a big turnon for your partner. (The one with the partner being with another woman would be for me, anyway)

  10. I think toys and vibrators are totally cool I do think fuck machines are a little odd and would definitely make me uncomfortable I know that’s probably not possible but it’s on par with like those weird half body fleshlights to me. If I was using one of those to jerk off id probably make my girl insecure and I’d completely understand that tbh

  11. I would roll towards my wife, hook my leg under her leg, and roll back, pulling her up in top of me. Then, it was a matter of lining things up. Baby oil between your bodies may help since she may not be able to fully lift up from you with her arms so it let's your bodies slide together. It's nice too. Big spoon is fun too or scissoring. Regular missionary always works.

  12. You don't have to do it if you really don't want to of course. But at this point, the best thing to do would probably be to keep your word to avoid lying to him. Who knows, you might like it in the end. And if not, you can just tell him you didn't enjoy it and don't want to do it again. Simple as.


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