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Butt Bouncing And Spanking 3 [Multi Goal]

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  1. Starting at the bar sounds like a good scene beginning. Then you don’t have the added pressure of starting it earlier in the day. You could have a cut off point, that except for emergencies, that y’all stop contacting each other after a certain time. Maybe two hours prior to meet up. Give each other a few hours to get into the right headspace and then set up at the designated time and location. Overall just relax and have fun!

  2. Tell her to talk to my missus…been trying to get this kind of interaction going for years…….and good work m8!

  3. Yes it’s safe, yes I (personally) enjoy it more. Sex, masturbation, and orgams are all way more intense during my period.

  4. Go to a drug store, if you can. Buy a pregnancy test and take it. While you’re there, buy condoms and use them every time. Wish you well.

  5. Why do you want it so much? Does she want to? Stop focusing on squirting, it's way overrated, focus on how good you make her feel. She doesn't need to squirt to have mind blowing orgasms. You're making her body shake, why do you need squirting?

  6. I've been in all sorts of relationships, open relationships, some alright, some blown up in my face, engaged in a threesome, blah blah blah etc. There's nothing wrong with not being into this shit. All that said, this guy is acting like a complete child.

  7. Sounds like she has some trauma history and if you’re not willing to deal with that, probably a good idea to not see her again. Even 42 year old women have trauma and behavioral issues. Honestly I think most might have that.. but some might be better at masking it. Maybe she just felt comfortable with you but I can only imagine how she will act when she feels even more comfortable. If you do feel like you can or want to go through it with her then it’s a good idea to be up front with her about what happened. Ask her what happened and then in a kind way let her know how it made you feel. In a non-attacking way. Though if you’re looking for a stable person to keep things light and fluffy with, she’s definitely not going to be that person. Clearly.


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