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  1. This is a him issue not a you issue. He either makes the effort to change his view, learn & grow, or he doesn’t. If he doesn’t, time to find a new boyfriend

  2. I think its much more prevalent today, because people are more willing to do oral sex, thinking that it doesn't “count” as sex

  3. It happens if he is like the first guy i was with it was hard than soft then hard. Got it in we did doggy first and he came and it’s was over before I knew it had started. I was on a trip so I wasn’t going to see him again. I wasn’t sad or disappointed till I got back to my place than it hit me oh that’s it. I didn’t tell him anything about it, no need for me to embarrass him he probably already was. So take it slow and have fun pressure to perform is a real thing.

  4. I'm sorry, I don't mean to misuse your description, but I feel like this is something I would enjoy watching. There's porn “for women” maybe the industry should provide a bit more focus on this so we can all enjoy, because for reeaallss, I can't handle the bullshit moaning and faux enjoyment. retreats to lurking in the shadows

  5. My partners old roommate used to masturbate (albeit loudly) because he’d assume that my partner was asleep. My partner is definitely traumatized by this and was too nervous/embarrassed/etc to say something because of how awkward the situation was cause he had to see him frequently. You really should keep sexual stuff to yourself and other consenting individuals. As other are saying, do it in the shower/ bathroom or when your sister isn’t there.

  6. I kinda resonate with this as I have never been in a sexual relationship up till my current, while he has had a few of them and was worried I would think the same things The curiosity will linger, but the action will never be worth throwing away such a good relationship. I think trying out different things may help, but I feel like these thoughts are very normal to have at some point for someone in her position. Especially if she's comfortable enough to tell you these thoughts, you guys should be fine 🙂

  7. I’ve actually heard that you shouldn’t use any soap down there, since it’s so sensitive + it naturally cleans itself. So when I’m in the shower I make sure I rinse really well down there with only water and my hand. I didn’t notice a change in smell from soap vs no soap so I’m assuming all is good..? I also stopped getting such frequent UTIs

  8. This is probably one of the hottest things a guy could do. You seriously have no reason to be self conscious. Imagine a girl enjoying blowing you so much that she came? You’d be over the moon!

  9. but are you really growing when you've lied about something this major for 5 years. I don't know if I'd be so fast to call it “lying.” I think “omitting the truth” is a lot closer to what this is. Whether or not that difference matters is kinda up to OP's discretion. I don't think that hiding the truth necessarily shows a lack of growth, but being honest shows growth on some level imo. If he truly hadn't grown at all, why would he bother to bring up something that could potentially destroy his own relationship? He knew that she was blissfully unaware of his transgression and very easily could have just kept it that way, no?

  10. That's not an ad hominem insult, dude. You're the person saying “it's all I can do” in the fact of probably a dozen more reliable birth control methods. And there's probably a ton of dudes who have a 0 kid record with this only because they're already firing blanks.

  11. You can't have a relationship without communication. At best you can have an uneasy truce between friends who are growing increasingly resentful of one another. Some have suggested low T as a culprit but that would only explain a decline in libido. He'd still be perfectly capable of retaining the memory of what he gets off to and how often he liked it. When your husband is unable to answer or even ponder these fundamental questions about his sexuality, it means he's either lying and hiding something or he's telling the truth and that part of him is for all practical purposes dead. You need counseling, stat.

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  13. My wife was around 40 before she unlocked it. It has so much to do with being really relaxed, turned on. Most women need a lot of g spot stim – done in just the right way.

  14. I understand that it can be, and there’s a chance I’ve contracted it . I have cold sores myself . Are you someone with herpes or have you dated someone with ? That’s kinda where I want advice

  15. I’m having a hard time understanding the mindset behind it being okay to fantasize about something you wish was a reality. Yes it’s all mindless, correct, but everyone knows a fantasy is usually something you want but can’t have. Also this just isn't true. Watching porn isn't fantasizing about something you want but don't have. Maybe someone else will have the right words, but for most men porn is a visual stimulus of something sexy that triggers arousal and is otherwise emotionally cut off.

  16. that’s fair! he’s turning 30 this year so i don’t know what his testosterone levels are like at this point hahahha


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