Tracy Simmons chinese sex cams toys

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  1. Sucking on a candy (preferably a sugar-free one to avoid stickiness) beforehand or even during to help stimulate salivation can be helpful. In addition, they do make flavored, edible lubes if you need some of that for moisture.

  2. The blood flow that creates the erection comes from the brain. Explains why you can’t think straight during an erection.

  3. Everyone is certainly entitled to their preferences, and good on you for stating them up front. But would you treat it the same way if a guy refused to go down on his girlfriend because he thought it was disgusting? I would give the same advice. That guy is an inconsiderate partner. Look for someone more compatible.

  4. I personally have found the progesterone-only pill really good. No side effects that I can tell and I always remember to take it because I have a dosette box (those things are life savers). But the fact is that you can’t know what will and won’t give you side effects before you try it, and it’s a nasty lottery to play

  5. it’s 1 thing to incorporate porn if both are okay w/ it but this is so far beyond respect. dude needs some serious treatment for his addiction.


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