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  1. Would have to be discussed with all partners involved. I mean I'm guessing your talking about dipping your cock into multiple vaginas here. If you use the same one, one woman's juices will mix with another and there will be that risk of spreading stuff. So talk to all vagina owners involved and respect their wishes.

  2. I do it all the time. I can't cum from penetration alone, so I need the stimulation. But I suggest learning your way round your body yourself, and learning what ticks the boxes for you. I have a few small vibrators to use during sex which also helps. Sometimes if it doesn't happen during sex, my husband helps me out after either with toys or his hand.

  3. He wore a condom with me. I refuse to have sex without one. It was just not fitting really well so after wards I asked about it.

  4. Not sure. Maybe I'm just more willing to do the thing and not just act it. Or, there isn't much I'd like to “pretend” that I wouldn't rather do. Like with mine. I'd happily take her out to a bar and see her flirt and pick up a guy. I don't want to pretend to be another guy for her though.

  5. Low sex count is basically becoz we are in college and we don't get lot of personal space + we aren't very ready for all this As she is very shy also And. I'm also quite shy and introverted

  6. I'm female but this is something that I experience a lot! First time I'm hearing that guys have this too, thanks for sharing

  7. So when you said this… i think no spouse would get attach to anyone more than their partner specifically a spouse who is this kinda loving You didn't actually mean “no spouse” you only meant “spouses that won't cheat” that is a circular definition

  8. My husband is the same way. But not for a couple of days, usually just until I brush my teeth the next morning. I don’t do it as often because of that, but I still enjoy doing it so I do on occasion. He’s also not rude about it, just slowly moves his face away. I just consider it a boundary, I wouldn’t be happy if he forced something on me I didn’t want. Instead I kiss his chest, neck, ears, it all works.

  9. i think everyone’s different. i prefer a build up so i like when they stay away from that area cause it makes it more sensitive. only if it’s like oral and we’re having sex and WELL into foreplay, then i don’t mind

  10. If you’re a girl just get flirty with him and at some point say something like “I want to see a photo” I think he will understand

  11. Idk about OP, but I find spitting a dreadfully complicated affair. It's hard not to swallow some if I'm already in the act of sucking. Plus holding warm liquid in my mouth would make me sputter. Doesn't mean the pearl necklace isn't an option.

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  13. I actually have that same model, how often should I “practice” with it? When I’ve tried to use it in the past it didn’t really feel like much was happening, I’ve gotten to what I think are “p waves before” but nothing intensely pleasurable

  14. I’ve met most men I’ve been with (30ish) through tinder/hinge/bumble/instagram (never for hookups just for dates) and others just at house parties or friends of friends. when I was a teenager I would hook up with people from clubs or bars but now I’m in my 20s I never get hit on anymore

  15. The way you are phrasing this “pounding” and implying one way sure sounds like there’s opportunity for change. Recontextualize what she said. She wants sex from you. She wants to enjoy it more. Ask for feedback and help her LOVE it. My partner and I probably have about 20 different common rhythms and patterns and many more that are less common. Being highly responsive to the needs of the moment feels awesome.


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