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  1. There are tons of men that prefer A cups. There are so many equivalent or more important things. My advice would be to wear a thin top, if it really bothers you. But if your BF says he likes them and wants it off, let ‘em fly free 🙂

  2. Yeah, I'm already doing all of that, it's the same basic ass advice in every thread on reddit. Seriously, do you people not shower or dress yourselves enough that you feel the need to actually say these things? These are basic everyday things that people do everyday. If it was enough I wouldn't be here asking for advice.

  3. To begin with stress IS a libido killer for some people for several reasons–including that cortisol (the so-called “stress hormone”) uses the same basic chemicals as testosterone–meaning if you are making lots of cortisol then the stuff you need to make Testosterone isn't available. Short term (short meaning “minutes or hours”) stress can be beneficial. Long term (days, weeks or longer) stress is NOT GOOD, and NEEDS to be addressed. Go after the root of the stress. Eject people from your life that only cause stress. Address stressful issues at the workplace etc. Engage in stress mitigating activities–moderately strenuous exercise AT LEAST 3 times a week and at least 3 hours a week. Get some sort of exercise every day (even a 30 minute brisk walk, preferably early in the morning). Get a GOOD quantity of sleep. Not “enough” sleep, LOTS of sleep. Do things in life you enjoy, movies, hanging out with friends. etc.

  4. Shallow people, like myself, care. Seems like most people don’t care and if you ever are with someone who doesnt respect and love your body then they aren’t the one for you.

  5. I love lingerie, but I’m terrible at expressing that. I used to try hard not give what would be considered “typical” man responses and it let me to a place of not being very expressive. Now I tend to lean the other way and try to always let my wife know.

  6. depends how sensitive it is for me it feels amazing especially if you get it a little wet and trade off slapping and rubbing

  7. I have absolutely no problem using toys in the bedroom! We have a drawer full, both hers and mine. I’ll use them on her and she’ll use them on me. Lots of fun, he doesn’t know what he’s missing

  8. I don’t think there’s a right answer here. I would tend to err towards telling someone. Being upfront and honest will both lower expectations and change how she approaches things. If she thinks your lack of prior partners is a deal breaker then that sucks, but IMO you’re probably best off doing it with someone willing to be patient and cool with a first timer learning things and probably cumming pretty fast the first go. But you have other ways to please her, and also probably a pretty short refractory period at 19.

  9. On top of your boyfriend disrespecting you his friend also disrespected you in front of him by calling you toxic for being reasonably upset. They’re both asses and you need to leave him

  10. Damn man that’s rough! Sorry to hear it, I hope you feel better soon. You deserve better than that shit, people who cheat are such selfish assholes!


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